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By  geppy  |  0

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  akg98  |  13

Yeah, thats not going to be awkward. Say he invites her to dinner.
- So, hows it going mr. Johnson?
-whys that?
-im bankrupt because you sued me!

By  vde_fml  |  15

Well you could probably sue him because if you are doing your job OK he has no reason to fire you. On personal matters you or rather he should settel the matter outside of work and not involving your job.

p.s. I don't know what is your job and I don't know how you met your bosses son so my opinion could change depending on that but anyway speak again with your boss because really that's not a good reason to fire you.

By  youthink_fml  |  0

Probably the only reason you were hired so you really didn't lose anything. And you probably didn't do a very good job so that's the excuse he's going to use to get rid of you.