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Today, I was leading a tour of my university and saw a girl in ripped jeans and combat boots smoking a cigarette. I told her that she shouldn't be representing the school in such a manner. She shot back: "I'm a Presidential Scholar. Suck my dick, bitch." FML
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Moral of the story, Never judge a book by its cover.

Ripped jeans and combat boots get a definite yes from me

The OP is a bit of a snob in my opinion. I have to agree with #1.

You think a Presidential Scholar would understand the correlation between cigarettes and lung cancer.

Maybe the presidential scholar is acutely aware of her own mortality and figures the soothing effects of a cigarette at least makes the present moment better. Maybe the scholar just flat out doesn't give a shit of the consequences because not everything is worth caring about. Who knows!

Just because you're intelligent, doesn't mean you're smart.

#30, your statement doesn't make a lot of sense considering the two are synonyms of each other and mean the same thing.

I don't see the problem with combat boots and ripped jeans.. You shouldn't tell people how they should dress.

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Well the word intelligent has a connotation of IQ, academic abilities, and "book smarts". Smart has a connotation of EQ, social abilities and "street smarts".

Thanks, #50. That was the point of my statement.

And this is a prime example of being smart

#28 sounds like someone's a defensive smoker. FYI, whatever soothing effects you get from a cigarette won't be worth it

Smoking is a way for many high achieving, type A people to relax. Sure it's not healthy, but I'm in law school and am continually surprised at how many of my extremely smart classmates smoke.

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Yes, but the only reason a cigarette calms you down in the first place is because you're addicted and when you go without one for too long you get stressed out. It's a rather pointless cycle, you don't need cigarettes to relax.

Nicotine gives a high in and of itself that calms you down. If it didn't, nobody would have started smoking in the first place. That's why so many smart/stressed people get addicted, not just them being stupid.

I think they're implying the difference between book smarts and common sense

Smoking shouldn't be a big deal unless you willingly subject other people to your second-hand smoke. Do what you want, but if I have to breathe in your nasty smoke because you smoke in a public place (like school) and have it affect my asthma and anybody else who may have breathing complications- then there's a problem. If smoking only hurt those who smoke it shouldn't matter. I wouldn't have been so rude about it, OP, (and the fact that you added her attire into it makes you a bit of an ass for assuming) but I at least get the smoking part of it.

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#162 in an outside environment, secondhand smoke does nothing to you. and it dissipates after 10ft. Also, it's not a smoker's goal to subject you to it. It's not like they blow smoke directly into your face (and if they do then that's just rude and those people need to reevaluate their lives).

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My uncle smokes non nicotine pipe tobacco, so it isn't always the addicts who smoke

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28, that sounds a lot like Looking for Alaska

Nah, the moral here is: Mind your own ******* business.

178 - 10 feet isn't all that much and unless the person is chain smoking your distance wouldn't need to last more than 5-10 minutes of your conversation. Either way it would be your choice to carry on the conversation or ask them to come back inside once they were through to continue the convo.

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Everybody dies, and every one of us chooses the risks involved in everything we do, and whether those risks are worth the benefits. Smoking cigarettes increases the chance of getting lung cancer, eating red meat increases the chance of heart disease, alcohol increases the chance of liver damage, soda increases the chance of obesity and diabetes. We all do things we know are bad for us, and in the free world, we all have the right to make those decisions for ourselves. Making the choice to smoke is no worse than making the choice to drive fast, or drink alcohol, or eat processed junk food.

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#162, if you think smoking only affect the smoker you obviously haven't had to watch a loved one slowly die from lung cancer. Yeah, watching my Mom die over a period of three month . . . no pain there.

#48 I don't believe that's what OP was referring to, I think he was referring to the cigarette, ya know something that kills us, just sayin

I dunno... sounds like the cover was pretty well representative of the content.

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Yes but in her case she doesn't care.

#167, lots of times people smoke in bus shelters (even though it's against the law here atleast), in crowded (children and family type) fairs, and lining pathways into schools and hospitals and such. In many of those situations it's hard to avoid it without walking in traffic. Also I've had many articles of clothing burnt from people being careless with their arms and not paying attention while chatting with friends and smoking (the walkways leading into my highschool were fenced in, about 6 feet wide and smokers would line both sides of the fence, leaving about a 1ft walkway).

That's not always the case, #167. Smoking can 100% be a trigger for asthma even outside. And I honestly couldn't care less if it's the smoker's intention to subject everyone else to it, because they do anyway. Knowing that doing something negatively affects the *health* of other people is a dick move and there is intent in it. If they don't mean to, go somewhere else. Designated smoking areas, fine. Anywhere else where people will be close enough to potentially be affected by it? I'm talking outside of malls/shops, in line, at parks, etc. No excuse, save for "being a dick".

@50 That sounds like me, I'm intelligent, I get good grades and have knowledge but I'm not very smart, I have limited social skills and don't have much common sense. So it's accurate for me to say that I'm not very smart or bright even though I'm fairly intelligent.

'Just because you're intelligent , doesn't mean you're wise' may have been an easier statement for others to comprehend :)

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As rude as telling someone that they're ruining an image

Cause countering with an assaulting statement is the proper response . Neither is right in this situation. They both seem like unreasonable creatures. I won't say bitch cause that's rude, but unreasonable. Any who I up vote you anyways cause I agree.

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OP was asking for rudeness in return by telling another student how to act and acting on authority that isn't there.

Why is everyone still calling the student a she? They said suck my dick so they are quite obviously male.

I've used that phrase many times and I'm a female... So it doesn't matter.

73 the fml states "a girl wearing ripped jeans" its safe to assume "girl" means female here

# 62 - No doubt that op was a pre judgmental dingle berry, but I feel both of them were wrong. Not saying I wouldn't do or say something similar, just enjoying a laugh and saying my thoughts. #73 We know why you didn't get the presidential grant .... Reading comprehension was 30 pct of the score huh?

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Suck my dick bitch just sounds better than eat my pussy lets be fair.

Lick the clit sounds pretty badass to me.

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I understand that she was a girl but it's just weird for a girl to say suck my dick and it raises questions.

im female and i say suck my dick. got a problem with it? suck my dick

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Well technically speaking, 180, the dick is derived from the clit. Developmental biology FTW.

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

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So we down vote someone because they so happened to write the same thing as another, coincidences happen. Lol

Yes for as long as I've read fml . 20 seconds later means bury them... Interesting isn't it .

Yes, #29. This is FML. Grammar Nazis, and Duplicate Post Nazis are out in full force. Welcome.

His post literally showed up seconds after mine. I do not agree with the all down votes myself.

Yeah, it's the main reason why I rarely comment anymore. Someone will find SOMETHING negative to say so they can look like a smartass.

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you know they did like a champ!!

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The taste is permanently on OPs tongue.

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That sucks op. Nobody who is a big part of the school should represent it poorly but alas it's free will that decides what to do.

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Just because society decided that she shouldn't look that way doesn't mean a thing. she's clearly got her shit together, maybe now op needs to jump on the bandwagon.

Just because she LOOKS a certain way? I think not. She's old enough to smoke so who cares? She's doing well in her classes and that's all that matters.

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OP's college campus is probably smoke free and that's what austincain117 was pointing out. You know, op's fml post may just have been written to note that someone who's a presidential scholar get away with not abiding by the campus rules. Just saying...

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we know they are nasty and bad for you. i have never met a smoker in my life that wouldn't tell you never to start smoking.

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Can't tell people what to do though either. OPs not changing for us.

But OP's the one telling people what to do. OP sounds like a real stick in the mud pretentious snob.