By mommyopps - 26/03/2016 02:14 - United States - Madison Lake

Today, I'm beginning to regret explaining death to my 3-year-old son. We were at the supermarket when he looked at an elderly woman and loudly told her "You're gonna die soon!" FML
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*OP glares at the child* "So are you."

Explain to her that that was not appropriate.


I'm trying to find a bright side to this situation, but for once I really can't

thanks to your kid, it won't come as a surprise for the old lady now

Explain to her that that was not appropriate.

OP's child is a boy

Oops oh well

Who the elderly woman?

"ma'am it's entirely inappropriate for someone of your age to be out and about and enjoying their lives where my son can see..." something like this?

blondie45 21

Yeah, because every 3 year old out there understands the word “appropriate”! Not...

*OP glares at the child* "So are you."

You should tell her it's not appropriate and that she will get in trouble if she continues. You are the parent. You can stop her.

The OP explicitly mentions her 3 year old son, not daughter.

is a great clothes shop indeed

I hope you explained and had your son apologize OP! FYL

Don't feel bad. Little kids are crazy. Just explain to him why that's not appropriate to do and provide discipline if he continues. It'll clear up really quick if you just give it a talk.

You might also have to explain to him what things are appropriate to say to people

Nothing like the pure honesty of a child .

*scrolls to next FML* "Today I, an elderly woman, was minding my own business when a toddler shouted at me, "You're going to die soon!" FML

"opps" ok lol