By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Northampton
  Today, I uttered the phrase "the pot calling the kettle black" in class. Moments later, I'd been called a "racist twerp" and kicked out of class by the same English teacher who once tried to have another kid suspended for using the word "titillate", because apparently it's "pornographic". FML
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  TwiztedYuri  |  9

merica where teachers don't know shit

  doodlecloud  |  26

I'm so sick of that phrase, 1. Not only is it really old but it's annoying and hurtful to capable teachers who try their hardest every day. It also doesn't help raise standards of teaching. We should be encouraging the most able to go into teaching, not constantly putting the profession down and making it a less desirable career.

  Nekogami  |  14

Preaching to the choir man. I totally agree. It's exciting to see more game industry veterans ( for me ) taking up teaching jobs around the US. Makes me a bit more confident in the game programs than I was say 4 or 5 years ago.

  TheDrifter  |  23

The problem I ran into was that so very few of my teachers had ever worked in the industries they were to be preparing students for. From school to uni to teaching school. When we had practical application sort of questions they could only give us theory and ideology.

  maosquare  |  18

This cockeyed view that the teaching profession is only reserved for those who can't make it in their fields of specialisation is not only tiring but also very demeaning. I know of many teachers who chose to go into teaching because they want to, not because they cannot do anything else. Contrary to popular beliefs, teaching is more than just being well versed in your academic discipline - it also requires you to have knowledge of managing a class, finding effective ways to pass on complex information in a digestible manner, and so on so forth. Try stepping into the shoes of a teacher, then you'll realise the 'those who can't, teach' mantra is indeed very disrespectful.

  Eorlas  |  31

Please stop getting touchy-feely about teachers. Don't try to place them on a pedestal, because my job involves interacting with them on a daily basis in a US state, and I can attest that many of them are extremely unintelligent and immature.

And thus far in the past two days we've seen two FMLs about asshole teachers; it's a disease people need to open their eyes to.

  doodlecloud  |  26

And how do you suggest we cure this 'disease' 111? Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that there are bad teachers out there - I'm actually going into teaching myself purely because I'm unhappy with the standard of teaching I received growing up and I want to change that. Even now, half the people on my teaching course I don't think are up to scratch. However, such a view ignores the good teachers and doesn't stop the bad teachers. The only way we are going to ensure that capable people go into teaching is if it's held in the same regard as being a surgeon or a lawyer or something (which it is in some countries). That won't happen when society's knee jerk reaction to the word teacher is 'idiot' or 'failure'.

By  GoldenTaco  |  3

Watch your mouth Sir! Ha, I'm kidding...

  AlexM42  |  5

I wouldn't go so far as to say most. Many teachers are quite competent, some are even exceptionally so. It's teachers like OP's however that really shame the modern education system.

  Azeri_fml  |  11

Maybe not "most," then, but certainly quite a few. OP's teacher, for example, or my AP World History teacher that gets his notes from Wikipedia.

  dontpanic_fml  |  32

Azeri, I know I'm gonna get buried for this but I kinda feel the need to tell you that I meant to thumb your comment UP, not down, and also I find it unendingly sad that your comment got no thumbs up and the one defending a teacher obtaining notes from Wikipedia got three.

By  cosicosei  |  22

I feel like this teacher is overprotective so she/he doesn't get in trouble... but that's unreasonable! isn't there someone above her you can talk to? or a counsellor? I had the same kind of problem with a teacher but she was slandering me so I reported her... she got moved to another school.

  goose12321  |  11

Fuck political correctness I always say. The only people who get offended by something that's not politically correct are all just a bunch of twats trying to stir something up where there's not.

By  SWC_Penguin  |  17

From time to time a controversy pops up over the use of the word "niggardly." I understand that debate. While its not a bad word, we should probably retire it. Anyway, my point is, your teacher's an idiot because what you did was nothing at all like that.

  JustStella  |  28

Holy crap, I just looked up that word... HAHA! I love how sample sentence says: "a niggardly tip to the waiter," perpetuating a stereotype. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard. I showed a friend and she looked at me in horror saying, "how could you laugh at that? You're black!!"


  Qwermy  |  16

"Niggardly" never had any racial connotation whatsoever. To retire a word to satisfy the sensibilities of the ignorant only cheapens the language.

  justmyswag  |  9

While I understand that niggardly isn't a racial slur, if someone said that around me, I'd probably be .3 seconds away from kicking their ass before it registered.
There are better words to use in place of it.


@159 Then you need to chill out. It's a word without racial connotations. Not everyone is out to insult you. And I agree with whoever said (can't remember their number) that retiring a word that isn't even bad just to appease a few cheapens the language.

By  \  |  28

I wonder if they paid for their teaching credentials.

  Nekogami  |  14

I could tell stories.

I had a middle school English teacher who tried to put me in detention for almost every day for drawing in class after I finished my work.

I had another who never brushes her teeth or used deodorant and loved to get all up in a students personal space.

Then later in high school I had one who was severely bipolar.

Fun stuff. Lol

  nightbirdblue  |  27

I have to agree. All my English teachers have been crazy. Freshman year of high school, my English teacher told every class different requirements and then got it mixed when she graded the papers. She also was so cheery and hyper at first period that we wondered what she was on. Sophomore year of high school, my English teacher was a grammar nazi. If you worded something "improperly", then she would flip out and declare you hopeless. She also used the phrase "I love the smell of burning flesh." She was extremely religious also. Junior year of high school, my English teacher loved to act out the characters and would yell about things that the characters would of yelled about. While preparing to read The Crucible, she explained that religious environment of the time and area by acting like a preacher. She was one of the nicest teachers. She gave cookies out to people every so often, for high scores in the review games we played. Senior year of high school, my English teacher loved to talk and often got so far off topic that we wasted thirty minutes of class. She also let us watch Youtube videos in class that we convinced her were relevant (Epic rap battles of history for example). In my second semester of college, my English teacher was obsessed with alcohol and often talked about the best way to drink vodka. He also made up learn about the dictionary. ((I was lucky enough in high school to not get the complete failure of an English teacher. He used slang. He also couldn't pronounce things like "alleviate", "appoint", "malignant", "beneath", "soliloquy", and "monologue". He spelled many words wrong on the board. He also misused the words in the vocab book that he passed out, which led to his students pointing out that the word didn't mean that.))