By AyoitsSteveo - 24/05/2009 09:49 - United States

Today, I thought it would be funny to bother my friend Emily. I kept punching her. She asked if I wanted to fight. I agreed because she's a 15 year old skinny girl and I'm 17 year old buff guy. She beat the crap out of me until I cried. FML
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And you pretty much deserve that one.. dumbass

hahahahah nice going this is pretty sad


hahahahah nice going this is pretty sad

ik, dude first off, ydi for picking a fight with a girl. 2- why would you post this. 3- work out

yo keep this shit on the DL

why were you randomly punching a girl in the first place a penis mongrr

if a girl and guy fight a girl will win cos over here u can't hit girls or I think that's everywhere

no lol it's everywhere and they bite, scratch, punch the crotch, pull hair etc. There's no way to win :/

That's what you get. Don't you know it's the small girls you've got to watch out for?

whoever put ydi for this is an idiot bcuz fhl i mean the dude puts this fml up and thinks that what he did is ok and wants pity. his life is rly fucked if he's that dumb

how is punching her annoying her? that's phisical violence! ydi, definately. I'm a thirteen year old skinny girl and I could probably beat you up easily.

or could you?????? no you probably could

that is sad!!! you cried?! lmao

Wow, guys. -_- "he thinks what he did was okay, that's physical violence" He said "my friend." I highly doubt that means he was punching her as hard as he could in her face or something. I ask my boyfriend if he wants to fight all the time, & I win. It doesn't mean we forcefully, with all of our strength, punch each other. It was more than likely, playfully, & she was stronger than him, therefore "beat the crap out of him"

I immediately pressed YDI after reading, "I kept punching her."

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obviously this is fake...

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im a guy, and this dude seems cocky, but muscle isnt even everything, it's skill too

i agree because im 15 but short and skinny for my age but im a 5th degree blackbelt in taekwondo so skill can make up for very big muscles

Exactly. Yesterday, I tackled my friend and pinned him to the couch until he stopped tickling me. He had to promise because he couldn't push me off. He's over a foot taller and probably 100 pounds heavier than I am.

2, imma cheerleader too and I hav muscles tht show alot and I'm only 13

sane as me lol I weigh 105lb but I lift 130lb girls haha

You're a fucking retard...

Wow 120 lbs is sooo much!!!

I'm 17 and I weigh 120 pounds and I can lift... Oh wait.. yall need to stfu

Why are all the comments that are extremely disliked just saying muscle isn't everything what the fuck?

The reason she beat the shit out of him was because he probably didn't fight back, and definitely didn't fight her like he would if she was male. It has nothing to do with how strong she is, even a weak girl could hurt someone who isn't defending themselves

Do you even lift bruh?

This entire comments section is egomaniacal cheerleaders who are basically claiming they could kick anyone's ass.

And you pretty much deserve that one.. dumbass

If a 17 year old describe himself as a "buff guy," you know he's a skinny nerd.

Never underestimate a girl. My sister is 5'3" and weighs 110 pounds. She beat the crap out of a 6'6" man.

Nothing more true has been said, #448.

lmao. that sucks YDI

Muscle, martial arts, don't know what a person is hiding. Hell yeah, kudos to Emily, and don't start conflict. Peace, love, and brownies.

You're slightly retarded.

what a great observation

nope hes just rly.

i REALLYYYY hope this one is fake. way to go ;D

Maybe visit the gym every now and then, eh? :D

This gives new meaning to why you should only pick on people your own size...