By AyoitsSteveo - United States
Today, I thought it would be funny to bother my friend Emily. I kept punching her. She asked if I wanted to fight. I agreed because she's a 15 year old skinny girl and I'm 17 year old buff guy. She beat the crap out of me until I cried. FML
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  LegitDGK  |  0

whoever put ydi for this is an idiot bcuz fhl i mean the dude puts this fml up and thinks that what he did is ok and wants pity. his life is rly fucked if he's that dumb


Wow, guys.
"he thinks what he did was okay, that's physical violence"
He said "my friend."
I highly doubt that means he was punching her as hard as he could in her face or something.
I ask my boyfriend if he wants to fight all the time, & I win. It doesn't mean we forcefully, with all of our strength, punch each other.
It was more than likely, playfully, & she was stronger than him, therefore "beat the crap out of him"

By  rinariot_fml  |  0

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Exactly. Yesterday, I tackled my friend and pinned him to the couch until he stopped tickling me. He had to promise because he couldn't push me off. He's over a foot taller and probably 100 pounds heavier than I am.

  Clevelandians  |  17

The reason she beat the shit out of him was because he probably didn't fight back, and definitely didn't fight her like he would if she was male. It has nothing to do with how strong she is, even a weak girl could hurt someone who isn't defending themselves