By heckaza - 19/01/2016 06:47 - Australia - Werribee

Today, I went to visit a suburb that was named after my family. Within five minutes of walking around I was mugged and then beat up. My family name has certainly done well for itself. FML
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well atleast you have a suburb named after you...

On the bright side At least you are alive.


On the bright side At least you are alive.

And you have something named after you. and if it is important to you then you could always try to improve it.

awildwhisper 30

It sounds like your family name may be able to have some influence in the suburb to improve it.

I'm so sorry OP! I hope you get better soon!

well atleast you have a suburb named after you...

TeacherTeacher 11

You do know that Australia started as a penal colony, right?

Megatron_Griffin 25

Lol, you said "penal"

RedPillSucks 31

what!? I thought it was a pianist colony. Years of academy training, wasted

I'm trying to imagine a time when people were transported for life because they played piano too well...can we make a movie where Australia was a pianist colony instead?

Maybe he just wanted your autograph? You do have a street named after you after all

ircs56 10

i think its time to change your name

That's a story for the grandkids

"And that kids, is why I carry a gun with me wherever I go."

"Grandpa it doesn't matter why this is still a school."

In Australia... A country with decent gun control...

you have the opportunity to do something about it, make it since!

Megatron_Griffin 25

I swear Australia might as well be Florida

What did your family do to piss the neighborhood off? Sorry OP