By EyesOffMe - 07/09/2009 04:04 - Canada

Today, I was getting changed in front of my roommate of two years. Feeling comfortable, I took off all my clothes and started putting new clothes on. I asked why she wasn't taking her eyes off my naked body. She said, "I'm loving the view. Didn't you know I'm a lesbian?" FML
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You brought it on yourself... I'm a lesbian, too, but I'm polite enough to avert my eyes if a friend changes in front of me. Sounds like you were giving her a free show, though.

hmm you'd think it would have come up before then..


hmm you'd think it would have come up before then..

No kidding! Come on, I would think you two are at least on friendly terms if you were roomies for so long, so most definitely you should have known, especially if she expected you to.

it would've 'come up' if her roommate was a guy *insert cheesy drum solo after a poor joke here*

Did she at least stick a fiver in your g-string?

It's actually you're, not your. I'm still grateful though ;P

sorry, i dont bother with grammar or the like when im on the internet

#26: It doesn't matter because the word you used was correct. "Did she at least stick a fiver in you're (you are) g-string?" makes no sense.

#29 We're referring to her saying your welcome. anyway, i like how we're really going off topic here. Is it just me or does this just sound like something she stole from the start of a bad porno?

probably is, well it sounds like it anyway

That's good news for you, because on some night when there's no Jack In The Box, Wendy's is open all night long.

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#26, does that mean I can bother you with grammar and the like when you're NOT on the internet?

You do know that fml means **** my life, right? Fmls aren't supposed to be funny, they are supposed to be the bad things that happened to people, including "ohhhh my mum got raped infront of me. FML"

#112 - Yeah, and that would be why when you click on the certain subjects like "Love, Money", etc. the title of the webpage says "Your funny love stories" or "your funny money stories", etc. etc. It IS supposed to be funny, you stupid twat. The basic concept behind the website is basically laughing or finding humor at somebody else's misfortune, which is really ****** up when you think about it. Some make you feel horrible, some make you crack up hysterically. You clearly take this site too seriously and need to go out more and get a life.

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I think they are supposed to be sad cause it's named fml but as human we can just laugh it of like nothing ever happend cause we're not in their situation.

I feel like grammar isn't something you should have to put effort into once you reach a certain age. If you have to actually sit and think about whether you mean "your" or "you're", rather than just automatically typing out the correct word for the context, you really should read more often (or maybe just read something other than the internet more often).

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....and then what? bow chika wow wow.....

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im pretty sure its two toms a cymbal (ba dum chhh)

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alot talk about porno's I could be the judge if good or bad ;)

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I'm surprised she didn't tell you since you two have known each other so long. Oh well, at least you know you're hot and to never do it again :D. (I assume it made you uncomfortable)

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I believe that her roomate asumed that she already knew that so therefore she might not have told her.

Also, Why would you be comfortable with someone seeing you naked UNLESS they may find it attractive? That's like the opposite way to think.

Meh, not really an FML IMO. I have friends of both genders who I'm comfortable enough around to see me naked, and have seen a couple of them in their underwear and naked as well. If you were comfortable enough not to care that she saw you undress, you should be comfortable enough not to care that she liked what she saw. So I guess this all boils down to "Today, I found out my roommate is a lesbian. FML." Which is a whole bunch of prejudice on your part. YDI for being homophobic.

If you had a hot roommate with a habit of getting undressed in front of you, would you tell her?! ;) j/k

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#67, it's not being homophobic. there's a reason they have a girls' locker room and a boys' locker room. i mean, i doubt the OP undresses in front of random straight guys. that's kind of the same as undressing in front of someone lesbian. anyway, OP, at least she thinks you're worth looking at naked.

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#86, if the person who saw her would have been a gay guy do you think she would have been fine with it then?. and also Why? do we have different locker rooms, ive heard about places who managed fine without boy/girl locker rooms.

Why is it the OP isn't comfortable with her friend looking at her makes her homophobic? seriously you make yourself an a**hole. Baka. She could be uncomfortable with being checked out. She did it under the assumption she wouldn't get reduced to meat. Even if it isn't the case, some people are uncomfortable with it. Deal with it. don't just start calling names Faggit. (just went there what now go QQ)

They're separate because the genders are segregated. Black and white people used to have separate bathrooms for a reason too but that doesn't mean it was a good reason! Who cares if she's a lesbian? It doesn't change anything.

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Take it as a compliment, I suggest. :)

You brought it on yourself... I'm a lesbian, too, but I'm polite enough to avert my eyes if a friend changes in front of me. Sounds like you were giving her a free show, though.

"I took off all my clothes and started putting new clothes on"? How's that a show? Roommate's just a creeper, I suppose. (Like you just said, you find it considerate to look away to grant privacy.)

This sounds like a fake. Why would her roommate of two years come out right then and there so bluntly?

She didn't exactly 'come out'. I mean, the fact that she actually asked if the OP didn't know implies that it's not a secret anymore and that the OP SHOULD know. To everyone who's all like "Why would you undress in front of someone?" I feel like y'all don't have many good friendships. I'm totally comfortable in front of my best friends, always, no matter what situation.

note to self: check sexuality of roommate before changing in front of them

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How can u be comfortable enough to change in front of someone but not be close enough to that person to he extent of knowing at least gender preference is

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**** (slt) n. 1. a. A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous. b. A woman prostitute. 2. A slovenly woman; a slattern. **** =/= getting dressed.

It never said there was a show involved. "I took off all my clothes and started putting new clothes on" is not "I took off my clothes and started strutting, prancing, and gyrating."

Woot! Gyrate! They were changing. The roommate stared. Your life is in no way affected because some girl thought you had a bod worth staring at. Stop being stupid because you want guys to get hot over you but not girls. Take it as a compliment, get over yourself.

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Vaetrus, can you honestly say that you'd be okay with a gay guy staring at you while you got dressed? Although many people may consider it homophobic, I know I'd be very uncomfortable if I found out that my roommate was lesbian while I was changing in front of her. Clearly the OP was comfortable changing because she didn't consider that her roommate would view it as anything sexual. She was just changing. So finding out that her roommate was attracted to her was, in my opinion, an acceptable FML.

that's not the point, are you friends of the same sex attracted to you?

That doesn't have ANYTHING to do with being a ****. Some people actually have really good friends and are comfortable enough to change in front of them. Plus, especially when the friend is from the same sex, it's not like they've never seen what you've got before.

they were probably in her room talking when she got changed .. don't be a dick

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lol 15 ....."ydi for being a ****".. and your name is "man_whore" .....just found that kinda funny

This makes the assumption that just because they are gay, they have no taste. Do you find every girl you see attractive? Probably not. I have been to places (in Europe) that don't delineate based on gender. It's not a big deal. You change, I change, you wanna take a peek- whatever.

Why are people saying it's odd the roommate never mentioned she was a lesbian or made it obvious before now? Duh!!! How else could she get such great views!