By Jammy238 / Monday 1 February 2010 05:27 / France
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  ohSNAPyall  |  26

No no, it's not prickly; the stinging is because its leaves make your hands tingly / painful the longer you touch them. It's a defense mechanism to keep animals from eating them. It hurts.

  jesscarrr  |  10

Fuuuck I hate stinging nettle! It's all over my horses paddock. I was weeding it all out with gloves on and it still got through and stung the crap out of my hands! :(

  hehe_oops  |  2

the dogs eaother fell in swam then climbed out, or stood there looking at the OP
does it really matter?

but seriously OP ouch
I've had to do that befor when I got stuck down a ledge

  wut_fml  |  0

LOL @ people thinking this shit is closely related to jellyfish. Stinging nettle is a plant. It's in a completely different kingdom from jellyfish.

By  null_fml  |  11

So... let me get this straight... you ran for cover because of rain and wind? And it sounds like you lost control of the leashes at some point, too.

YDI entirely... for being an irresponsible owner, and for panicking at precipitation.

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