By Jammy238 - 01/02/2010 05:27 - France

Today, I was taking my dogs for a walk, then it started to rain, and the wind went mad. I ran for cover in the trees near a bridge, slipped and fell into a river. I was soaking wet and my boots were full of water. Then to get back out of the river, I had to use stinging nettles as hand holds. FML
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What happened to the dogs?

I was gonna ask, and I wasn't kidding. Hope your dogs are ok.


ydi for not checking the weather.

What are stinging nettles?

a bush that has thorns on its branches.

No no, it's not prickly; the stinging is because its leaves make your hands tingly / painful the longer you touch them. It's a defense mechanism to keep animals from eating them. It hurts.

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Sooo what happened to the dogs?

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one time my friend pushed my into a branch of stinging nettles while i was wearing shorts. it was awful.

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Fuuuck I hate stinging nettle! It's all over my horses paddock. I was weeding it all out with gloves on and it still got through and stung the crap out of my hands! :(

What happened to the dogs?

the dogs were prolly laughing their fueey asses off

the dogs eaother fell in swam then climbed out, or stood there looking at the OP does it really matter? but seriously OP ouch I've had to do that befor when I got stuck down a ledge

I was just kidding. FYL, OP.

I was gonna ask, and I wasn't kidding. Hope your dogs are ok.

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yeah lol i was gonna ask too..did the dogs die?

If the dogs died he wouldn't be making a FML about stinging nettle. He'd be making one about his ******* dogs dieing.

Ouch that sucks so bad

dude are the jellyfish ok!?!?

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nettles are jellyfish..... idk if u know that or not ... but they are.... and I was ******* around lol that definatley sucks....

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umm no im pretty sure they're not jellyfish

they better not be jellyfish

Stinging nettles are plants.

closely related to the jellyfish. just check wikipedia. it's legit.

True. Stinging nettles are closely related to the jellyfish... both are/have nematocytes.

LOL @ people thinking this shit is closely related to jellyfish. Stinging nettle is a plant. It's in a completely different kingdom from jellyfish.

I lol'd at the thought of grabbing onto jellyfish to get back out of the river. Jammy238: You ninny jellyfish, help me out of the wata' Jellyfish: Righto chap, grab on.

I lol'd at this comment ^^^ effing hilarious

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stinging nettle is also another name for a jellyfish

Ouch. That is quite a dilemma >.< Get well soon OP

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have you done something bad lately? I think that might be your karma.

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Shut up karmas gay

I hope the dogs didn't run loose or anything...

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a stinging nettle is a plant. how would you use a jelly fish to pull yourself up out of a river??

So... let me get this straight... you ran for cover because of rain and wind? And it sounds like you lost control of the leashes at some point, too. YDI entirely... for being an irresponsible owner, and for panicking at precipitation.

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