By Anonymous - 10/11/2010 17:14 - United States

Today, I tried opening a can for the first time using a manual can opener. I tried for a half hour to open a can of ravioli, mutilating the can in the process. Only after watching five Youtube videos on how to use a manual can opener did I notice the pull-tab on the top of the ravioli can. FML
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seriously it's not that hard to use a manual can opener.... tard


rallets 22

maybe she is blind or something or a he idk who it is

Who the hell uses their spare time to put up videos of how to use a can opener???

Lmao! I've got issues with can openers too but half an hour and YouTube videos? Thats a little much... Sorry OP but you fail.


haha I had a can opener fail the other day, but I just spent a minute on it with a knife... worked just fine

babyale760 0

a great example on how technology is making us dumber everyday. hahahha

Manual can-opener? You mean they created automatic ones already :O lol OP, it's not rocket science, just stick it on and turn the handle -_-'' It shouldn't take more than a minute and 1-2 tries to get it to work.

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wow never thought people could have problems doing simple things like opening a can. then again, some people have problems breathing, but they're sick . . . ur not makes u really stupid op your stupid !! stupid !!

First time I used a can opener, I only got off a ring of metal off the top. Then I pushed it down a bit harder and it worked fine. This was when I was ten. OP, learn to do stuff yourself. YDI for being a lazy ass that makes people do your crap for you.

ya how stupid are people getting nowadays

Apparently as stupid as you, reflecting off of your ability to spell.

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you are a motherfuking dumbass shit head dumbfuck

i dont have to spell right on the internet ******

First of all, OP, YDI for not making fresh ravioli in the first place, second of all, YDI for being stupid to not realise the pull tab on the top (it's not there to make the can look pretty), and thirdly, YDI for watching 5 Youtube videos on how to open a can of ravioli. Surely any sane person with a brain would go round to there neighbour and ask them to help them out.

seriously it's not that hard to use a manual can opener.... tard

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No kidding. The first time I used one I was 12 and it took me a min or two to figure it out. op- How can you really suck that bad? You must have gotten all the retard genes in your family.

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I still use a P38. I'd like to see this moron figure out one of those.

stevenJB 25

If been using Manuel can openers my whole life. It's NOT difficult at all to do. Damn kids won't survive without technology.

that actually just brightened my shitty day! thanks for the laugh OP! :D

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WTF, why are you all in swimsuits? Oh, and Texas_colt, you seem a lil' bit like a dominant cyberbullying jerk. Dunno why, just my impression.

ha ha, terrible. Though, some manual openers are cheap and don't work very well....maybe? lol, trying to give op some credit ha ha.

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you're a stud. lol it was also nice of you to try and lighten up the situation for OP