By immovingout - 04/05/2013 17:46 - United States - Huntington Station

Today, I met my new roommate. She has a life-size cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber in her room, which I've seen her having actual conversations with twice already. I have to share a bedroom with this psycho. FML
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If you see her trying to duct tape a banana to the cutout's crotch, I suggest you find somewhere else to sleep for a while.

Isn't that grounds to be locked away?


Why don't you do it bulbacharmander!

@11, Pokemons don't talk silly. Remember, you're a charmander.

11, I think you mean "squirbulbamander."

Zimmington 21

22- Meoth, Slowking, Psyduck, & MewTwo(technically)

I remember that Meowth, Slowking, and Mewtwo talking in the anime, but not Psyduck. Well, I don't watch the anime anymore after Hoenn.

Might be easier to kill the cutout with fire.

tootsie68 22

Time to move out - which judging by your username, you are already on your way there!

I wonder if that is a coincidence or she planned that?

^ You would know if you posted FMLs.

If you see her trying to duct tape a banana to the cutout's crotch, I suggest you find somewhere else to sleep for a while.

That mental image is almost too horrific to comprehend. You see these tears, Doc? Yeah, you caused them.

skyeyez9 24

Doc, lets be realistic here. This is Justin Bieber, so she needs to tape a baby gherkin pickle to his crotch. That is more realistic than a banana.

No, she needs to cut out a hole and put on a gherkin.

That reminds me of an Internet photo of a girl with her arse against a Beiber cutout. Smh

KareBear7364 5

You should take it and burn it! In a safe place of course ;) And just tell her that he had a high fever, and didn't make it...

skyeyez9 24

And explain to her that he died from a rare condition called Spontaneous Bieber Combustion.

You better put a little something in her glass before bed just to make sure she doesn't wake up in the middle of the night to stare at you

I wouldn't suggest that, i think she will take the blow instead of the cutout....wait a minute that would make an awesome FML!

Maybe you could "accidentally" set it on fire.

Oh no! I accidentally poured gasoline all over your Justin Beiber cut out, then pointed this flame thrower at it and pulled the trigger. My bad.

groovycrazyjoe 18

Baby Baby Baby Oh!!!! lol

thank you that song is now running through my head just what I wanted on my anniversary

hryffff 11

I can safely read this comment and not be afraid to get the song stuck in my head cause to this day I have never heard any of his song! I feel proud!