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Today, I woke up to a brand new password on my phone that only my wife knows. Apparently, she thinks I've been looking at my phone more than I've been talking to her lately. FML
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Whatever happened to couples who talk and get through difficult times together? Everyone is so sue and "dump him/her" happy. It's sad.


1PersonIsMyWorld 22

op you are choosing to spend your life with this woman. for that to work you need to keep a strong relationship between you two. its about strong communication and being each others best friends. work with her and she'll work with you.

xSonic 9

But how do we know that she is not just a psycho bitch that's extremely over controlling? This judgement is too quick.For all we know, OP can be using his cell phone regularly.

Seriously. OP YDI for letting your wife hack your phone. Ever heard of passwords before your wife introduced it to you?

85, it says new password, that indicates that he did have a password on his phone, his wife just changed it.

Yes, but his wife would have had to have known the old password before she changed it to the new one. It does says something about your relationship tough, that instead of talking to you like an adult she chose to invade your privacy. I'm sure if you had done the same to her she wouldn't have appreciated it. I hate people going through my phone, even though there's nothing scandalous in there it still makes me uncomfortable and I would hope that if my boyfriend had a problem with anything in our relationship he would talk to me about it instead of acting like a sulking teenager.

either way, she went about it in a really immature manner. heaven forbid people talk to each other instead of being childish.

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Whatever happened to couples who talk and get through difficult times together? Everyone is so sue and "dump him/her" happy. It's sad.

BubbleGrunge 18

If looking at your phone too much equates divorce papers you have way more serious issues than simply looking at your phone. Communications people!

If looking at the phone to much requires the wife to put a password on it to prevent him from looking at it to often, it shows he has issues he needs to get corrected in order to make the marriage work.

No, it shows that THEY have issues. My wife has accused me of overusing my phone several times, but she has always TOLD me about it, not resorted to stupid, juvenile tactics like setting a password. Married people talk, and that takes two people. You can't place the blame on him, and even bringing up divorce over something like this is preposterous.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

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Dawnstempest 17

@ 2 I don't know what's sadder, that you wrote that, or that people agreed with you. "Oh look, he might have looked at that woman in a low cut. DIVORCE." "Oh look, she might have eyed that bodybuilder in the store. DIVORCE." "I want a puppy, but I don't know what my significant other wants. I know what I'll do. Ask them? Nah, DIVORCE." Whatever happened to good old fashion communication? I know, bare with me here as I am writing this on the internet and not talking with all you fine people face to face. Whatever happened to sitting down and talking about problems instead of all this manipulative back stabbing? It doesn't matter if they talked before or not, obviously they did talk enough if it was necessary to put a password on the guys' phone like this. Relationships aren't easy all the time. But I do know one thing, not talking means that a relationship will never succeed. You want it easy all the time? Too bad, life isn't always easy.

#12 It's a phone, not another women. Unless he's talking to someone else than it's just a little problem. They both should be able to talk this out and move on. It's all about communication.

Well you don't understand what it is like to be in a committed relationship.... Good luck ever making a marriage work, because you have no concept of forbearance for the person you love

cryssycakesx3 22

sometimes to male a relationship work you need that sweet escape from reality. maybe she bitches at him a lot and that's how he copes.

Divorce papers over looking at a phone too much? People on this site seem to break up over anything.

Doc- what if he's having an affair with Siri though?

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

26-Just because he knows his wife put the password on his phone doesn't necessarily mean that she told him prior to this. He could have woke up, saw the password, and asked his wife about it.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

12- Why is everyone so quick to side with OPs wife? For all you know, she could be psychotic and controlling. We only know one side of the story. We should really hear both sides before we start agreeing with someone.

#30, because I have been in that situation before in a relationship. My ex wife was like that with her cell phone years ago(part of the reason why we broke up, that phone was more important to her than the husband or the kids). If I could have put a password lock on her phone, bet your behind I would have. I wanted to throw that damn phone away so many times because it was more important to her than her husband and 3 children. So yes, I know exactly what the OP's wife feels like, I have been through it. My only regret was not being able to destroy that damn phone before she decided to walk out of the marriage while I was at work and leaving the kids at my parents

53- Sadly impossible. I have been witness to endless hours of easily amused people asking Siri to marry them and listening to his refusals.

Guilty! I'm highly addicted to my phone too. My solution, talk to your SO about what you're reading on your phone. :P

strawberrywine22 30

That's what my husband does. He loves to listen to Roman history on his phone and then he tells me later about everything he's learning. I've learned more from him than any books, which is good since he is going to be a history teacher!

Yeah people these days seem to distance from the reality, so maybe she has a point?

Well if you have been on your phone more than talking to her you do deserve it.

People seem to have forgotten that phones were once a method of communication.

He's just been communicating with everyone but her.

You mean with other human beings??? NO WAY!

Maybe she has a point. Have you considered skyping her? What about facetime? You should try and talk to her more if she is feeling this way.

Sit down and have a conversation with her. Set limits together on when your phones will be put away. Set aside date nights where no phones will be present.