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Today, as I opened my diary to write a new entry, I noticed that every page had little side notes about what I had written. It had an extra long note on the page where I wrote about losing my virginity in great detail. All of the notes ended with "Love, Mom." FML
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Get your own back. Write a new entry in your diary about how you seduced your high school principle and let him snort lines of coke off your ****. Either that or "Dear diary, today I had thoughts about killing and eating my family, starting with my mother".

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that sucks privacy is important she should know that.


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that sucks privacy is important she should know that.

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Oh my god epic. Yay for Death Note! xD P.S. I'll take a potato chip, and eat it!


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Just as planned. -evil Kira smirk that nobody seems to notice-

LMAO THAT'S SO TRUE. *turns comment page into chatroom between junjouromantica and I*

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Haha, that seems a little rude. But I do have to say, he's always screaming in his room and nobody seems to hear him. "I AM JUSTICE!!!!"-Light "Hmm, what was that?"-Sayu to Mom "Huh? I didn't hear anything."-Mom to Sayu Yeah, you didn't hear your son yelling at the top of his lungs upstairs.

There was an exact same FML about a month ago...

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Lol... Death Note. xD This is why I don't write in a diary. :)

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#44, I remember that one too. I'm calling fake on this one.

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YOU WIN AT LIFE!! (I WILL TAKE THIS POTATO CHIP... AND EAT IT! *sparkles of justice fly off*)

exactly, i definitely read this before. what is going on with the filtering? there seem to be lots of fml's that are VERY similar. almost word-for-word.

Oh, good, someone else noticed.

Thats pure win .....and pure justice XD

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oh and Mikami? DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! i dunno where he is when doing that, but shouldnt someone hear THAT!? oh Lighto.... Hey, OP mayeb your diary is a death note and your mom will die. ///. :D

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I admit, this may have been a copy of a previous FML, but to give the OP the benefit of the doubt, don't you think if one mother has done this, another mother would too?

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The sparkles of justice were over-dramatic little dots of saliva, actually...

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LOL! Nightlightpl0x you are awesome! xDD I love Death Note to death. xD You win. OP: I used to have a diary, but then I started hearing about how people read them with no regard towards your privacy. I don't keep a "diary" anymore, but I do write down my angry feelings when I'm in a bad mood on a random piece of notebook paper lying around. FYL for having a Mom who doesn't respect your privacy.

that was the same fml from a while ago! and that one was also copied from an episode from that 70's show.

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That's why I don't have a diary. Honestly, the only privacy that is really guaranteed are the thoughts in your head.

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Death Note FTW :3 and OP, that sucks. your mom should know to give her child privacy. :L

well if u saw a diary I bet u would read it

Next page, write "My friend in school says her mom reads her diary, im glad i have a respectful mother who doesnt do that" Guilt trip for your mom :) that's all u have to say? sheesh what people will write to be first or second nowadays, what is the world coming to???

Get your own back. Write a new entry in your diary about how you seduced your high school principle and let him snort lines of coke off your ****. Either that or "Dear diary, today I had thoughts about killing and eating my family, starting with my mother".

Mom's already reading her diary, she'll probably end up in counseling if she starts writing about killing her mother. FYL

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#4 Jimboom- You are AMAZING. That made me laugh so hard :)

Lol #4 that's absolutely hilarious!!! Still, the mum would probably know it was deliberate

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Lol that is pretty funny. or she could write about having a secret addiction to Bearenstein Bears and freak her mother out... although that may backfire :)

do it op! then comment back and tell us her reaction

Write both!! Ahaha. Idk, no one in my family knows where my diary is, so I'm all good. Plus I hid the key, but its one of those cheaply crappy elementary school universal locks that you can open by poking twice with a bobby pin. My privacy in on the line... Gonna replace it with a real padlock...

Wasn't this same situation posted a while back? If not, go with #4's plan.

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thats what i thought. what is with everyone stealing other peoples fmls lately? I KNOW it can happen to more then one person, but chances are, when it does, the first thing they all think isn't to post it on fml. most just want to get an fml on here so they copy others. or is it just me that thinks that? heh.

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Yeah, it was. This is probably fake, and they got the idea from the former post.

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seriously hella people stole fmls from that 70's show! the one where jackie wrote in donnas diary is where the person copied this one.

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS finally someone agrees with me on this

write a long rambling opus about how you feel you are losing your mind, how you can't even tell the truth even when you think no one will read it...leave it someplace public.

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your mom may be crimanally insane. i'd get that shit checked out

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I'm not trying to be a troll, but why do you have a diary? I mean, yeah sometimes I want one but I know that there's always a possibility of someone reading it so why put your personal thoughts in danger of being known about if it means that much to you? I say YDI for having a diary :/ because really your life is ****** because you chose to have one.

so if someone were to post an FML saying their new phone got stolen, would you say YDI for buying a new phone?!

No, the person is partially right. The person might not be making a good decision by writing their innermost thoughts in something that's easy to find/read.

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lol no that's not what I'm saying. It only works for diaries..see she is concerned enough about her mom reading her diary that she thinks her life is ****** but did she not realize that when you have a diary and you DONT want people to know about the things you write IN there then why do you have one- im saying that there's always a chance of someone reading a diary..that's why I don't have one. Do you get it?

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Actually I'm cancelling my own theory out lol...cause it's like saying there's always a chance of a phone getting stolen so why get one? :/ but I mean it in a different way as in a diary is for keeping secrets/personal stuff in, so if it's your secrets/personal stuff why store it in a book that's so easy to find... It's like if phones were made to prevent stealing, and you were scared of having it stolen but it still got stolen yeah I'd say YDI then. I unno if you'll get what I'm saying :P

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I see where you're coming from, soherewegoagain, I really do. And that's something that I've often considered (I keep a diary and the idea of my mother reading it...well...horrifying doesn't even cover it). However, diaries aren't always for people with "****** up lives" as you put it. More often than not, they're simply a way to just...write. They don't always have to be overdramatic. In fact, I started keeping one a few years ago because I knew that my future self would be interested in what I used to be like (that sounds far more self centered than it really is). Not only this, but sometimes rambling about stuff to friends makes me feel guilty because obviously they'll get bored of hearing about my life after awhile (no matter how good of friends they are) and a diary gives the writer something else to release their emotions into. It's actually a pretty healthy thing to do, writing. But seriously OP, if you're going to keep one, hide it well. I mean, come on. I would be upset if my mom saw my diary mostly because of the invasion of privacy and really the worst thing she'd read about would probably be my liking of different people and periodical bouts of hatred for her when we get into fights, lol. You however...well obviously losing one's virginity is NOT something we want our parents to read about. So for God's sake, learn how to hide a damn book.

She might have a mom who tears through her room while she's in school, because my mom was like that. I could hide NOTHING in my room, because she would go through every single thing in there to "clean" it. She would even search through my mattress and box springs. You'd be amazed what snooping moms can find in the 7+ hours you're at school (or out with your friends).

Hey, maybe you want to remember how you felt one day, or the exact details of 'the greatest day of your life'

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