By dannytriplet - 11/04/2010 06:34 - United States

Today, I got my son's phone bill (the phone I got him to call us from college). I found out he's been calling a phone sex hotline everyday. He hasn't called us once. FML
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You can call him?

Sorry, OP, but you deserve it for giving him a phone and paying his bills. If he doesn't know the value of the money, make him work to worth it.


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at least it wasn't a gay sex hotline right? RIGHT?

Worst first comment ever. Period.

Worst fourth comment ever. Period.

OP didn't say it wasn't a gay sexline.

worst tenth comment ever period


the fmls are getting lame

thatsoviciouS 0

Hahaha I would never have gave that to him in the first place, let him support himself. In all words, YDI.

YDI and I totally agree 19

there's a few good fmls every once in a while

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would you rather him jacking odd to you? common that's nasty, a boys gotta do what a boys gotta do ...I men man ;)

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andd? your point to this fml?? what, you expect him to ********** to the sound of his parents? I think not.

cyberotter 0

yes they do.... yes they do. thanks for your profile pic on that note

YDI for raising a son that can't get women

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he'll probably be jerking off to your pic 28, as well as alot of other guys, and maybe girls on here

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majority of kids don't want to talk to there parents and call them all the time there's a differnce between missing them and then like calling all the time. college is when your on your own and most people take advantage of that freedom.

This FML is so retro. Getting a phone when you're 18 to call your parents at college.

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he should drink V8's more often

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make him get his own phone to call the phone sex lines. not that hard.

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damn girl how ******* old r u

ydi for being on fml while being old and having a son in college and now you know he isn't having sex

haha whoa calm down how do you know about this

A real man gets pussy, he doesn't have to listen to some hefer trying to sound sexy. He is a pitiful boy, YDI parents.

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#28 that picture is fake. someone else has the same pic as u on here. if u type in hot girl on google u can find it.

but there son is

ishama13 0

You can call him?

Yeah. My parents got a very cheap pay as you go phone when I went to uni. They called me when they wanted to, and for calls I wanted to make, including to them, I topped up the credit. OP, FYL for having such a ungrateful on, but YDI for giving him the means. You need to keep your end up in the contact game. My sister and my mum always complain to me that the other doesn't call. Someone's got to start the process.

OP didn't once say that they never called. They only said that their son never called them.

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relationship between my old man and me got awkward after few months of not calling each other. When we did we just had awkward clunky robot like conversations with nothing coming out of mind. You can talk more freely when meeting face to face, which I do now.

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It's too hard to jackoff while talking to you parents.

diamondbessie 0

how do u know cochino!

haha did you know those lines are staffed by 300 + pound girls. saw it on maury povich.

fake and gay, just sayin

perdix 29

Tell him you will help him ********** on the phone, save money on the phone sex and bring your family closer together. Win-win-win! I with I could capture my genius in a bottle and sell it/

perdix 29

It should have been "wish" and and exclamation point, not a slash. I know snickerdoodles is banned from commenting, but her ghost haunts me.

Oh RLY¿ but seriously, she's Banned. I thought she got sick of it, ran a rebellion and started a grammar Nazi political party. seriously 2.0 she's banned?

Wow! I thought she just got tired of being a grammar Nazi. When was she banned?

@TheCib - Snickerdoodles was FML's resident Grammar Nazi for a while, I'm not sure how long, I arrived way into her reign. You really want to know what she was like - read the comment threads for FMLs from last year, you're bound to find some of her epic comments and arguments.

FYLDeep 25

Last year? All you need to do is go back about a month. Somewhere around there you'll see a bunch of comments like, "Hey, what happened to your shirt Snicks?"

That is true, but I couldn't remember when abouts this year she left us. So just saying FMLs from (any point in) 2009 seemed the safer option.

Why do they get to snoop and see who their son calls?

Because they're paying the bill genius. If he was acting like an adult and not a child and paying his own bills THEN they would have no right to see what THEIR money is paying for.

Sorry, OP, but you deserve it for giving him a phone and paying his bills. If he doesn't know the value of the money, make him work to worth it.

At least you know what to give him for his next birthday!

YDI for not being here and making me a sandwhich