By justme - United States - Alliance
  Today, while driving in the car with my father, he handed me his iPhone and asked me to Google "Is ObamaCare good for our country?" As soon as I typed in "Is", the first result was "Is olive oil good for anal." FML
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  gracehi  |  31

That's the estimate for the first day only nationwide. 6 people signed up on the private market through the exchange on the first day. Everyone else signed up for Medicaid that day.

By  thehumanlyhuman  |  7

The answer is yes. To both questions.

By  cosicosei  |  22

Nooooooo, never use organic products and oils that aren't specifically meant for intimate stuff if you aren't 100% sure. Messes with a girl's pH and can cause infection.

  coried91  |  28

I'm not sure about you but I'd prefer not to know about the stuff that goes on in my parents sex life. I think it qualifies.

edit: this comment was to her original comment.