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  zinoxity  |  23

47 - #4 is actually correct. You can put the phone in recovery mode and reset it without the use of the pass code.
Don't slander people's advice if you don't know much about the way iOS devices work.

By  what_ever2007  |  11

Aww, *sympathy*, that happened to me once with an entire computer!! I put a password on the SCREEN SAVER! I can be really bad about wanting to make a password so good that no one can guess it.......then I find out that *I* can't guess it either!!

  DevilBoi69x  |  0

Once when going on vacation I changed my password on my desktop, when I got back a month later I had no idea what it was. Had to do a reset and lost 5 years worth of pics and other files. It sucked

  what_ever2007  |  11

SloppyFlamingo -- LO388 got it right: emphasis. :)
aerrol -- lol ikr? This was like 10 years ago when I was a kid, and I thought it was a good idea! :P lol
DevilBoi69x -- Dang, that really stinks. :( It'd be really upsetting to lose everything from the past 5 years! (That's an understatement!) It's never happened to me, but it's happened to someone I'm close to -- really sucks.
Bazinga2010 -- thanks for the completely wonderful insult directed at something I did when I was like 13 years old!! Does it make you feel better about yourself when you insult someone else? (I also already answered your question before you asked it when I said I wanted to make a password that no one could guess, so I made it so hard that I couldn't even guess it! lol <-- that was supposed to be lighthearted, but apparently for you, it was grounds for an insult. Thanks for your negativity! *sarcasm* )