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Today, I finally cracked the password on my husband's email account. I don't know which is worse: finding out your husband is cheating on you with several people, or finding his password includes his ex-girlfriend's name. FML
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You might wanna get a lawyer before you tell him what you found.

Oooh man, that just sucks all around! I wish I could give you a hug!


Oooh man, that just sucks all around! I wish I could give you a hug!

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I dont....She deserves it for being so nosy. You should respect others privacy that is probably why he is cheating on you in the first place.

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True that. He's probably not satisfied with you since you don't trust him. Sort of your fault.

there's no excuse for cheating. ever.

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While I understand you should not look through other people's things, I don't think you deserved it. She must have suspected something, so she looked to catch him and he got caught. Screw that asshole. I had a similiar situation when I was a teenager. My BF at the time kept talking about other girls around me while saying he still loved me. Low and behold, his password was Ilove*some other girl's name*. I hope people don't jump on my throat saying "you were probably a bad GF", because I wasn't. Stupid and naive, yes, for staying with him for so long and his asshole-liness. Finding that out give a reason and proof to break up with him.

there is also no excuse for snooping in her husbands shit like that. If she really suspected him of cheating she could have confronted him about it. Clearly this marriage was doomed anyway because she has absolutely zero trust in this guy.

re 26, I don't think it goes like this: "she doesn't respect my privacy, ergo I'm going to cheat"

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Do you realize that if she suspected something[ which most people do] she had to snoop[ not condoning] because he would not have admitted to it, and turned it around to her fault? Are you that dense?

To 117 - It's more like: She doesn't trust me and can't respect my boundaries. Perhaps I'll seek an emotional connection somewhere else...

You don't know what you are talking about. If she seriously believed he was cheating, or had some kind of evidence, there are better ways to confirm it than hacking your husbands' e-mail account. She has no trust in this guy, and he is probably doing it because of that.

haha i completely agree...and id say that he gave her good reason to mistrust him.

thats right, she had no right to do that. i totally agree here. but he shouldn't treat her that way either. if your relationship is so ruined that someone cheats the other one with several people, its better to get divorced...

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145- yeah like if she confronted him and was wrong what would have happened so you cant really blame her

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i am so scared that will happen to me one day

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You're ******* stupid lyndis. Married people should have nothing to hide from each other. She has the right to go through his email.

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I agree with number 13. If she didn't see, she wouldn't have found out Obviously she has a reason not to trust him.

I'm not sure who you're agreeing with that he's a creep, nor why you think he's a creep. OP, sucks for you. Although what he's doing isn't right, what you don't know can't harm you. Fyl and ydi, but more fyl I guess

so you wouldn't mind if your partner went through your things, then? Even married couples are allowed to have a little bit of privacy! Imagine if he had been planning a surprise trip for her or something, but because of her prying, she spoiled it? OP: He had no right to cheat on you, and you should prolly leave him, but I don't agree with going through people's things. If your trust for him was that bad, maybe you shouldn't have stayed with him this long anyway.

Wow, if I was ever stupid enough to get married and I found out my wife went through my things to "snoop" around, she would be sleeping in a hotel and Id be on the phone with my attorney. Privacy is still a right. Regardless of what I do.

True that #67. Marriage does NOT the end of privacy.

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I love how 1 started the longest post ever by saying haa haa.

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My ex had all my passwords and access to my phone. I gave them to her to show her I trusted her with them. She never used the passwords unless I asked her to because I never gave her a reason not to trust me. That's fine if you want your privacy, but if you aren't hiding anything I don't see why it's a big deal for them to see your email or anything else

You might wanna get a lawyer before you tell him what you found.

Gutted for you about him cheating but still hacking into his stuff isn't right! basic human rights!

The right to privacy is. If emails weren't meant to be private then they wouldn't require passwords to access them. OP: Whilst that blows that you're being cheated on (assuming that you're completely innocent), you shouldn't go snooping around in other people's things. Lest you find something that you wish you hadn't.

Thats exactly my point, dont go nosing around e-mails... got nothing better to do? :P

Sure, just keep living with your head up your ass, wasting your life with a cheating husband because you were too righteous to act on your suspicions. That sounds like a lovely lie to live. Listen. He was cheating, he was probably a bit careless and gave her reason to suspect, and he got caught. It's not her fault that she protected herself.

ironically enough, I was going to argue against your point that it is a basic human right (because i thought that was pretty ridiculous when you compare it to the basic human rights of being able to seek medical treatment, not having to be held as a slave, etc), but upon referencing the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights - privacy is in fact listed: Article 12. * No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. Still though, she wouldn't have had to invade his privacy is he would've just been honest with her. Confronting him obviously wasn't going to work, and she had no other way of confirming that her husband is the lying scumbag that he is. Two wrongs don't make a right, sure, but let's not forget that his actions WERE wrong.

I'm going to ask because I'm genuinely curious. What are the other ways, besides just straight out asking him?

not when your married and he won't tell you his passwords I know all my husbands and he knows all of mine

As bad as that is, you shouldn't be going through somebodies stuff without their permission.

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FYL for the cheating husband. Whatta douchemuffin. a little bit of YDI in there for the snooping, but obviously; you were right to snoop. but I'm just voting FYL because that's gotta hurt. D:

you derserve it you nosy s.o.b. and you two sneaks might as well stay together

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omg. I'm on the first page XD lmfao *was so excited* anywho, lmfaooo. and he thought he would get away with it? at least now next time he'll use your name on his accounts once you become an ex and all, XD