By holyshitbatman - 22/09/2012 14:06 - United States - Chicago

Today, I woke up naked next to my gay roommate after a night of drinking. Neither he nor I remember anything. FML
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Well a slight case of 'poop noodles' is better than finding out you were the bottom. If your ass doesn't feel weird, it's probably a good idea to NOT look down when you take your first piss. True story. [Just noticed I may know a little too much about these things despite not being a gay dude...] I really hope this is all on Urban dictionary. Then I won't seem like so much of a freak.

#16 I don't think #1 asked. Scroll down to use the comment box.

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24- Please go and fall off a bridge or something..okay thanks..

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16- I can't believe you actually just used the term 'poop noodles,' that's disgusting.

Or the chance the gay room mate does remember quite a bit and is just not gonna tell OP

The roommate may be playing a joke on OP to freak him out. OP falls down stairs passes out in wrong troll mode activated...or cowboy butt sex

As long as your ass doesn't hurt you should be okay.

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OP's roommate is probably lying about forgetting

Being drunk only makes you do things you already wanted to do.

Shouldn't that be past tense? "You were ******." ;)

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"Mike? Why do I feel something hard picking my side?"

That's what I was thinking. He may remember it all but isn't gonna make everything awkward by admitting it

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I'm pretty sure op figured that one out when he had to poop when he woke up.

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Who's ever ass hurts means the bottomed. Pretty obvious. But if neither does there's the possibility nothing happened other the just being in the same bed. Not remembering doesn't mean you guys had sex.

65- I think you should follow your own advice. Think twice before writing. And by the way, if OP was a girl, I'm pretty sure SHE would still care if SHE woke up next to HER naked roommate, gay or not.

73 has a point. If OP was a girl, she'd still be concerned if she woke up NAKED next to another NAKED person without remembering anything.

A couple FMLs down, OP commented, and according to her profile she's a girl

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65 - I think it would be even more awkward/funny if OP was a girl.

Pain in the ass or poop in the penis! :)

A guy that has never had anal wouldn't be able to fit a **** in without screaming in absolute pain. There's no way he had anal. Now if he gave anal, that's different.

Actually op is a girl. In her profile it says "misses" in the title area.

U and him should never speak of it again like it never happened......

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Nobody remembers it so they dont know if it was amazing.

Actually, it's not even "him" it's "he," because "he" is one of the people performing that sentence's verb.

Ask your friends. Maybe they know something, from a drunken call maybe.

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"Hey there friend, just wanna let you know I'm gonna have gay sex with my roommate now... Okay bye!" Haha.

Do you feel like if the moment arose you wouldn't even know you had to hit the toilet? If so, it was probably surprise buttsecks.

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

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What happens with your gay roommate stays with your gay roommate

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Except herpes. That shit stays with you.

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#19, wrong preposition. What happens IN your gay roommate stays IN your gay roommate. YWIA.

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#47, no, it was in one of their assholes. Maybe both.

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Keep your chin up, trash that used condom, and suck it up... oh nevermind... you already did that last part.

The roommate played it off that he doesn't remember any of it.

83 - That's clearly it. I thought the same thing.

Hmm .....this causes me to wonder what you look like from behind? Sorry op.

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Ur picture is funny cause u say I'm wondering what u look like from behind and ur picture is shrugging haha hilarious