Deep dish

By Grauncho - 22/09/2012 14:12 - United States - Chicago

Today, while dog sitting my neighbor's Great Dane, I decided to order pizza. As soon as I received it, the dog stood in the hallway staring at me. As soon as I moved, he ran full force and knocked me into the door, causing me to fall and drop the pizza, which he promptly devoured in front of me. FML
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Please tell me there was a nanny cam.

Put his food bowl in front of him and then take it away when he comes at it


Please tell me there was a nanny cam.

Just order another box of pizza while icing your ass from that body check lol.

Seriously, that video would go viral so fast it would make your head spin. It would be awesome.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

OP, you just made my day. Thanks. :)

Dog: "Doesn't matter, had pizza!"

Pics or it didn't happen!

cheshireau 26

Because putting him outside or in another room never occurred to you.

syley 5

116) I'm sure the dog bowling op over didn't occur to op either

Put his food bowl in front of him and then take it away when he comes at it

His response- *Bitch Please*

Dog food for pizza....hmmm...not a good trade.

That could end badly, very badly. Dogs get very defensive with their food. Especially when they know its in their bowl.

At this point, I think the dog should just keep the pizza.

Bitch please ;)

28- *can. a lot dogs (at least the ones I know) are trained not to be aggressive even when food is present.

62 - no, "could" is also correct

62, if you are going to correct people make sure your comment doesn't look like a train wreck.

My dogs are a little aggressive with their food. Lemme go and stick my hand in your food and pat your head. I leave mine alone while they eat.

You must not have small children. If you did, you would surely want to train your dog not to be food bowl aggressive, lest one of their small hands gets bitten off when they try to play with doggy while he chows down.

I don't understand why people let their dogs get food aggressive.. My dog will just sit up & stop eating till you allow him to eat again.

I'm not trying to be be one of those know it all but any dog owner shouldn't be afraid to take away the food from the dog. After all only reason the dog is eating is because the owner gave it to the dog. My dog wouldn't even move an inch when I put her food down. And I could take it away whenever I wanted and she'd sit back and wait for me to put it back down.

to all my haters, I meant that the 'can' would go in the second sentence. sorry it wasn't clear.. although I look at it again and realize my comment wasn't necessary. I'll go back to hiding under my rock now :/

Are you suicidal or something? That dog would kill you

MolesterStallone 13

Just be happy that thing didnt devour you too.

I have one! And they are harmless but they do have a lot muscle I will admit.

yes they're harmless... unless their owner has trained them to be aggressive (which is possible)

friedbunnies 9

You probably should have fed him first.

spiritfang11237 16

Some dogs would still beg, or in this case push down the dog sitter, for food even if they were just fed.

I'm guessing the dog likes pizza.

CherryLipBalm 1


86- That dog about an hour later.

And now you know why you never see the pizza delivery guy at their house.

I HUNGAAAAH!!!!!! - dog

What the hell is a hungaaaah?

I guess hungry

SenselessPattern 12

It's a city in Hungary.

ThePsyche 9

Well that escalated quickly. But seriously, don't eat in front of Scooby Doo, that dog always has the munchies.

I was thinking marmaduke. Scooby would have just ninjad the pizza marmaduke would have ran someone over to get the pizza.

Next time order two pizzas, those dogs are big enough to be almost human. I tell everyone my dog is the lazy roommate on the couch. Darn dog just sitting around getting high and eating pizza all day. Didn't you know op everyone likes pizza!

Sounds pretty ruff