By homewrecker - United States
  Today, I woke up from a night of crazy drunken sex with a guy I had met at a friends 23rd birthday party. The lights had been off when we had stumbled in to his house the night before. When I opened my eyes today, the first thing I saw was his family picture, complete with his wife and son. FML
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"...without being willing to accept the consequences for random possibilities like your anonymous stranger for the evening being married, in a relationship, a spy, an alien, or from the future. Not necessarily in that order. Maybe some. Maybe all. Perhaps others. Please sign here: "

  Phillay632  |  0

Agreed. We've seen a million similar FML's with a million of the same comments, but apparently people still haven't learned yet...

YDI for being a slut. Stop having sex with people that you've just met, because it's just asking for trouble.

  I_Bite  |  22

A slut is someone who sleeps around with multiple people. Not someone who has a one night stand once. She may have only slept with 2 people her whole life. I agree she should have realized there are consequences to being with someone you don't know, but that doesn't make her a slut.
If it was a new guy every weekend that would. We don't have enough information to call her that.
He is the slut for cheating on his wife

  Heckron  |  0

YDI completely...maybe she did get an STD...

Honestly I'm more concerned about the wife getting an STD from the OP since she's obviously the kind that gets shitty drunk and fucks strangers.

Yeah the guy's a dick too...but this isn't his's the OPs...and she totally deserved it...

By  GlobalB  |  0

No, just don't have casual sex with people you don't know and expect anything from them. It's just casual sex for them too, and there is no level of attachment beyond it. Admittedly this guy shouldn't have been sleeping around, but you shouldn't have expected anything more from a complete stranger and person you know nothing about.

It doesn't make her a slut, but it does mean she's naive to assume the guy isn't when she doesn't know him at all.

  lmmmr  |  0

I don't think she expected anything from him, I just think she didn't want to be involved in his infidelity. So really, it's his fault. But if she didn't have sex with people she didn't know, it wouldn't be an issue.

By  JarJarBinks_fml  |  0

In response to #8, that's like saying "she wasn't drunk, she was simply naive to the effects of alcohol." Stop being an idiot and trying to justify that she's a decent lil lady. Anybody who wakes up from "crazy drunken sex" with a person they "met at a party" qualifies as a slut/man-whore. People shouldn't just randomly have sex, especially when drunk, for reasons like this