By ak_6694 - 22/09/2012 07:29 - Australia - Lane Cove

Today, my roommate came out of the bathroom, and asked me how the scales knew her weight in both pounds and kilos, even though "the exchange rate is always changing." I actually live with this idiot. FML
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ak_6694 tells us more.

For anyone who is interested, she has taken it with good humour and is still laughing about it. It's one of those electronic scales, so I did briefly get her to believe that due to the GFC, the scales would say she was putting on more pounds than kilos before I came clean with the truth.

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Unfortunately for her, there is no exchange rate for her IQ, which probably resembles that of a kiwi. The fruit, not the bird. Not that it makes much of a difference...


Zoh_Aubrey 8

Ask her to pay you in kilometers and miles.

She must've been thinking pounds->euros. Still a dumb moment, but at least they sound similar.

perdix 29

#1, while it is kind of you to do so, I'd have to think that God in Heaven has better things to do with His time than help people tolerate ignorant roommates. Maybe not, which is why atheism is getting more popular these days.

LO388 7

Tell her it's just the price of her drugs changing, not the exchange rate.

27- she got £pounds and pounds (lb) mixed up.

Give her an IQ test, it only costs 50 liters now.

UrReadingMyName 4

Well it wouldn't kilos to help her out XD

Darwin's theory of natural selection took a serious validity shot in this FML.

Unfortunately for her, there is no exchange rate for her IQ, which probably resembles that of a kiwi. The fruit, not the bird. Not that it makes much of a difference...

It's also what we call people from New Zealand. Hence why this half of the world say 'kiwifruit'. I was about to bitch you out for offending New Zealanders haha.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I've never heard anyone say "kiwifruit" in any way or notion, just kiwi.

Annekinz - I know. That's why I clarified.

11- then you live in the other half of the world :o

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

Idiots are everywhere..such a sad world we live in.

musicluvr2000 11

Idiots seem to be getting more common now a days to. Or I've been noticing that around here.

Mister_Triangle 21

As a whole, people are getting smarter everyday. The average IQ continues to climb. But everything is relative, so even the smartest are smarter too. Which means that "stupid" people will always exist. But it's definitely not true that people are getting dumber.

As long as she pays her half the rent, is not a disgusting pig, and doesn't have creepy habits I see no reason for OP to shell out a ton of money just to get away from the roommate.

hopsinlove17 26

Stupidity is pretty much everywhere these days. Even if she moves out, I'm sure it's still right around the corner.

musicluvr2000 11

15- yeah, like maybe leaving an unwashed vibrator under her bed...

walkdestroyer 2

Look at the bright side, at least she can make you feel better about yourself.

I don't see how this type of person manages to exist in the world of today.

Kallian_fml 21

Because when people are too stupid to effectively contribute to society, the government just hands them welfare cheques.

68 - Probably ask what the current Fahrenheit to Celsius exchange rate is.

Next thing you know she's going to want to know what the difference between an apple and a orange.

musicluvr2000 11

I thought they were the same thing!

Well first organize a study group, then make a chart of similarities and differences, then analyze it and finally open the discussion for observations and conclusions.

Good. It's always important to love yourself.

Wow, very crafty reply you have there... very original.

Look on the bright side - if she's really that stupid, you can probably bilk her out of some portion of the rent. Just tell her the exchange rate for men is different for women, so you only owe 40% of the monthly rent instead of 50. It's actually legal in Australia to do this to idiots. Really, I looked it up. No need to thank me.

Doc, you have the prove, then we believe it.

52, I think that's what he meant by "look it up."

Some people really just gotta learn the hard way...