By StiffPvtParts - 04/06/2019 18:00

Today, after a night of drinking, I awoke in the early hours of the morning to a sight of my roommate playing with my penis. FML
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That's called Sexual Assault. Are you OK?

Boy, if the sexes were reversed people would call for a hanging.


Doesn't matter: had sex.

Where is there even a hint of the gender of the other person? For all you know it could be 2 dudes so shut your complaining mouth hole 🙄

its literally a song by lonely island you uncultured swine

you have a weird definition of sex there

Good question, but op didn’t say if the roommate is female or male.

I hope it was Whack-a-Mole!

Boy, if the sexes were reversed people would call for a hanging.

Actually, it doesn’t say if the roomate is a guy or girl.

I think they just mean if OP woke up getting finger blasted it wouldn't be questions of is the roommate hot or any joking, but calls for police action.

It doesn't change the truth of that statement, but yes.

except if they're both guys there can be no reversal?

Their point was, that if a woman awoke to someone playing with their genitals, there would be a hanging.

That's called Sexual Assault. Are you OK?

need more details like gender and did they say why they where doing it

does the why matter? OP is asleep and drunk, you don't touch someone like that without consent. male or female it doesn't matter.

follow up please 🙏 more details

you mean you saw it before you felt it? I'm not sure I understand much about male anatomy after all...

That comment “Your life sucks” has more meaning now doesn’t it.

Amanda G Rich 23

that's sexual assault! please tell me you went to the police or at least kicked him/her out immediately.