By gold3nshow3r - 09/03/2017 20:00 - United States - Roanoke

Today, I woke up to a strange wetness covering my body. My drunk roommate's urine. FML
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I would say it seems like a great time for a new roommate.


I would say it seems like a great time for a new roommate.

Brain bleach desperately needed here...

My brothers went on a booze cruise and due to poor aim the same fate did not strike my brother

Moving for this wouldn't be your best option. Maybe try speaking to him about it. Lock your bedroom if it gets too bad. This is considering that you guys don't share a bed. If that is the case, then you've to think of something else.

Do you by any chance have a skin condition that causes you to break out in what appear to be jellyfish stings? He could've been trying to help you!

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My teacher (one of my best friends) tells this story about how her roommate came home drunk one night and took a dump sitting on their mini fridge and then also in the tub. She was so mad at her that she almost yelled through the laughter lol

Not the type of shower you were expecting