By Anonymous - Netherlands - Vlissingen
Today, I had to take the train from my hometown to my university for a very important meeting concerning my foreign exchange program. When I finally arrived, I noticed a Post-it on the door: "Meeting cancelled, sick". I basically made a 9-hour day-trip for a half-an-hour walk. FML
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  ToxicFuel  |  6

How is it that I see this error everywhere on the net, and always by native speakers? Even I know the correct grammar, and English is not my mother language. Now you can bury me with this user who pointed at the mistake, but it's a true fact anyway.

Now for OP, I feel you, long journeys turning out to be a waste of time seem to be happening a lot when you're a college student. Got that experience myself. FYL

  crystalnight  |  19

It's because when speaking "should have" is shortened to"should've", so it comes out like, "should of." If you say it aloud, you'll hear it.


Hello! It's American English not British or Australian English people. It's called American English because we like to be different in our own way, that's what makes us Americans.

  Preposterous  |  8

I think it's because native speakers learn to speak the language before they learn to write it. The mistake wasn't noticed and corrected until the writing skills were fully developed.


Recall taking a second language in school, and you probably wrote very formally and properly in that class. An assignment would be to write a sentence like, "I have a door. The door is red." vs. someone more familiar with the language would use short cuts/a different vernacular, like "My door's red.", you know? You learn rules when learning a secondary language, you learn patterns when you're growing up into the language. Some don't translate from speech to written language as easily. It's not an excuse for not knowing extensive grammar of your native language, but it does explain it a bit! :)

  ladylilly25  |  20

Yeah, this is definitely on OP. The idiot should have been making sure the person they were meeting was in good health. It was totally unprofessional of OP to assume that the other person was feeling well, and was actually going to show up. Kids these days.