By Anonymous - 13/04/2016 08:25

Today, I woke up in hospital after a night of heavy drinking. My friends told me I was beat up by the doorman. After going to the club to watch the security footage, it was revealed I actually fell on my face trying to fight, and caused more damage to myself. FML
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You should get a restraining order on yourself

More like beat up by the doormat.


Well, YDI for drinking yourself shitfaced.

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Totally your fault. Definitely deserved that one. Sorry OP- feel better soon.

You should get a restraining order on yourself

And stay 500 m away from yourself LOL

Best comment ever!

I'm a bit curious as to how that'll work

More like beat up by the doormat.

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Great friends you got their...

Elegant..Classy. Cunning and finesse. Simple terms to describe this amazing mess that you managed to pull off. Thanks for making me face palm. ??

and the question is, what are four words that don't describe op?

Sucks that you got hurt, but they do say to drink in moderation for a reason.

Well... you got drunk...

decent friends tho, may not have protected your face, but tried to protect your pride

Worse in the long run. I would rather have a few scrapes from the floor and know, over marching into the club and demanding to see the footage of myself being beaten up by a rogue employee, only to witness myself falling over. Bad decision from the friends