By nosey - 08/04/2013 19:20 - United Kingdom - Mountain Ash

Today, I woke up with my face covered in blood. Turns out that yesterday at my colleague's birthday party, I got so drunk that I started yelling "Nappy time!" before falling out of my hammock and face-first onto the concrete ground. FML
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Nobody helped you out before you fell back asleep?

Why would have a hamock over hard ground? And YDI for getting shit-faced drunk.. Learn your limits..


Nobody helped you out before you fell back asleep?

Yeah did no one make sure you were okay?

9lashes 15

Before he went to sleep?? What about before he kept flipping face first on concrete >.

Did you hit your face on the concrete too, #49?

My brother fell asleep at his own party once. Wrapped up in a blanket, sleeping on the concrete porch. At least someone convinced him to sleep on the ground instead of the hammock we have...

Ya hammock+alcohol= A bad time, those things are hard enough to maneuver when I'm sober

And I can't handle it. Sometimes I think an ancestor of mine gone and made my family bloodline cursed to be assaulted by hammocks.

BradTheBrony 19

Why would someone curse their own bloodline?

None of your friends even offered to sing you a lullaby? What jerks!

Don't be a pussy now here's one more We're not gonna stop 'til you hit the floor.

And when the cop sirens ring by. We're gonna leave your sorry ass with a "goodbye".

Why would have a hamock over hard ground? And YDI for getting shit-faced drunk.. Learn your limits..

"Nappy Time", the new addition to famous last words for drunk people

At least you didn't wake up with a nappy on O.o

Maybe OP woke up with the nappy wrapped around their face to stem the blood flow.

lincolnkite 6

Waking up in blood is never fun....

What's worse, waking up with your own blood on you, or somebody else's??

9lashes 15

Yours it means you got hurt d:

Depends where the blood came from..

luckyd880 12
lincolnkite 6

I would say someone else's. I have woke up with lots of bloody noses and cuts before. That's what happens when the ceiling is 1 foot higher than your bed.

How could you sleep within 12 inches of space? Are you slender man ?

lincolnkite 6

Oh no, you found me now I will take you away. It is hard to sleep that way, but it is the only place my bed is. I have to slip in sideways and not turn in my sleep but it works.

You deserve it for being so drunk you can't function ; but on the other hand FYL for having such inconsiderate friends, you could have had a concussion. Lay off the booze for a while op.

I got up to the part that said "I got so drunk..." and immediately hit Ydi.

I totally feel your pain. My "friends" leave me every times I've accidentally gotten too drunk.

How do you "accidently" get too drunk?

I believe it is the "one more drink" mindset most intoxicated people throw themselves into.

Still not accidental as they made the choice...

Indeed, Mister Lilhelian, your point is absolutely valid. What I'm saying is that most just say "three drinks" and from then on it becomes a "trap" that they call out for "just one more".

dontpanic_fml 32

It's easy to accidentally get drunk if you don't understand the strength of what you're drinking. The first time I got drunk was the first time I had hard liquor; I had no idea that it hits you like a wall after a few but doesn't take effect immediately. I thought I was fine since I didn't feel anything at first, till it was waaaaay too late

I think that you should have to pass a breathalyzer test before using a hammock... Seems to be as dangerous as driving.

A breathalyzer test? Then you can get arrested for HWI!