By nosey - United Kingdom - Mountain Ash
Today, I woke up with my face covered in blood. Turns out that yesterday at my colleague's birthday party, I got so drunk that I started yelling "Nappy time!" before falling out of my hammock and face-first onto the concrete ground. FML
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By  etishuman22  |  32

My brother fell asleep at his own party once. Wrapped up in a blanket, sleeping on the concrete porch. At least someone convinced him to sleep on the ground instead of the hammock we have...

  lincolnkite  |  6

Oh no, you found me now I will take you away. It is hard to sleep that way, but it is the only place my bed is. I have to slip in sideways and not turn in my sleep but it works.

By  kimg0885  |  23

You deserve it for being so drunk you can't function ; but on the other hand FYL for having such inconsiderate friends, you could have had a concussion. Lay off the booze for a while op.

  NurseJonathan  |  9

Indeed, Mister Lilhelian, your point is absolutely valid. What I'm saying is that most just say "three drinks" and from then on it becomes a "trap" that they call out for "just one more".

  dontpanic_fml  |  32

It's easy to accidentally get drunk if you don't understand the strength of what you're drinking. The first time I got drunk was the first time I had hard liquor; I had no idea that it hits you like a wall after a few but doesn't take effect immediately. I thought I was fine since I didn't feel anything at first, till it was waaaaay too late