By hailsatan666 - 09/06/2012 18:43 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, I found out through Instagram that the guy I'm dating has a wife and two kids. FML
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At least you didn't find out through Facebook.


Dump him... doesnt seem too difficult to me


At least you didn't find out through Facebook.

sidewaysponytail 0

17- u go girl!!

YesyDidWhat 0

1- what do you mean at-least? What's the difference he still f*cked her over.

JackeeDawn 9

Social sites ruin cheating you know

CrassKal 27

17- Because divorce can result in pretty bad consequences. Like, losing your house, kids, property, etc.

mhopper 13

60, did you just justify cheating? It's wrong in every circumstance, especially involving marriage vows. Some people consider those sacred before the law and God.

kittenvks 11

60- people like you are why cheating is becoming an epidemic and divorce rates I ridiculous I would think. No respect for what a relationship is supposed to be!

outstandtacular 11

37, why did you feel the need to put an asterisk in place of the u in ******?

kittenvks 11

^potty mouth

60- and just think if you hadn't invested in any of those with the person you're cheating on you'd never have to worry, except perhaps about the next person you wish to screw over so brazenly.

CrassKal 27

66-I was answering 17's question as to why people don't get a divorce. I in no way was trying to justify cheating. Way to jump to that conclusion...


Dump him... doesnt seem too difficult to me

TheVelocirabbit 10

Or, to take revenge, tell his wife, remove all his furniture out into the street and make blowup pictures of the proof to hang on the house.

kittenvks 11

I think going that far is a little inappropriate personally, I think that would also hurt/shame the wife to all neighbors/friends as well and that's unfair. Though, I do agree she should also be told and proof shown. No one wants to believe their husband that they have children with is cheating.

TheVelocirabbit 10

I was actually just kidding~ >u

kittenvks 11

My point exactly 81, there are a lot of followers out there that would do that just because someone said to. That's all I'm saying, that's why we have shows like Jerry :) though I really do get the humor in it

Another reason to never ever use Instagram.

but then she never would have found out...

I humbly accept rule from the llama queen.

Eventually... Yes

So Instagram is useful! First time I've heard/seen it NOT be a waste of time.

aleeshttylXD 9

hey, #34.. dont u have ig too? i saw u before!

Because you don't want to find out if your bf/gf had some serious secrets? Okay? Well I would...

what are the first few reasons?

You're Satan aren't you? how ironic

CaramelMacchiato 13

At first I was like WTF. Then I read OP's username and I'm still like WTF. That's scary, man.

simplylost643 0

#23- I believe what they were implying is that Satan is known as the Father of Lies, in biblical literature. Therefore, because the OP's username is hailsatan666 they should be willing to embrace Satan for all characteristic traits, including but not limited to his untruthful approach to all. So the fact that the OP would be posting an FML would be ironic, on the basis that they theoretically worship that which they're now complaining about. Then again, I could be just as confused as you are.

55) you just made me more confused :L

kittenvks 11

Ok 58 I will explain it. In the bible Satan is known as the father of lies. Since OPs username is what it is 55 is saying that they should accept and be proud of the traits the guy in the post has as said guy is a lying cheating piece of shit. :)

CaramelMacchiato 13

^ what?

kittenvks 11

Damnit 73 LOL if you "hail Satan" then you APPROVE of Satan. If you approve of Satan you approve of lying. The guy lied to OP so she should approve. How's that?

kittenvks 11

John 8:44 specifically. Not saying I'm a Bible thumper or even Christian, so let's not start that shit lol, just answering the question. Love the reference too ;)

Yeah, my friend wrote that. I'm not even quite sure what it means.

Well not only is he a lying, cheating asshole; he's also a nimrod.

Nim? Where is the rod? He is not a nim, he is a nimrod for those who didnt collect that.

I doubt anybody "collected" that..

On my phone my comment says "he is also a nim..." even though I typed out nimrod. I didn't want to leave people confused seeing as nim isn't a word.

What the **** is a nimrod?

Pathetic asshole. Dump him

CaramelMacchiato 13

I really hope OP made a typo and meant 'ex' boyfriend.

CaramelMacchiato 13

^ I mean * the guy I WAS dating. Keyword: Was

kittenvks 11

Normally, I would down vote these types of comments. "dump him/her" is usually inappropriate with FML but lately it seems there's no other solution with douchebags like this. Hopefully the wife finds out and does the same, FHL and FYL OP

egc573 40

Those poor kids. F Their lives! Their dad's an asshole.

That sucks real bad at least u know how big of a jerk he is