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Today, I saw an old homeless man who had just fallen down due to his drinking. Everyone laughed at him, but I felt bad, so I went to help him up. My reward? A quick punch in the face, landing me in the hospital. FML
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people, you can't just jump to the conclusion that homeless are drunk, lazy, drug users. obviously, some of them are, but there's a good amount of people who are hoeless because they got laid off, and it all went down hill from there. if your source of income got laid off, and no one could find a job, where do you think you'll be in a couple months?

they're called untouchables for a reason


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come on u will ask her if u a homeless man.. feel me?

he was just trying to help and didn't deserve it at all

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homeless people suck they don't know when someone wants to help them or is trying to rob them.

what CAN you rob off a homeless dude anw?

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37 I don't even think you absolutely need to put a comma before or or maybe you do. You see what I did there, but seriously dude I didn't put one comma big deal.

A bigger problem would be the fact that you wrote a run-on sentence.

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Only a grammar Nazi would think that was a problem.

Why do you care we all can understand what he is saying

haha that's what you get for being nice!

hahaha at least you can't offend any homeless people on here! I am almost quite certain, not one single FML user is homeless! oh the irony as to whose lives suck...

there may be once homeless people on here

I don't think a homeless person has Internet access under a bridge

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They can get on at libraries.

oh yeah they would give a shit about our lives.

homeless people are homeless for a reason They are idiots don't touch them they are like wild animals.

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Gary are you homeless?(: Everytime I see your picture, I imagine a guy cursing and wanting to finish the 'Goddamn prayer'!!!!

one night, I was sitting in bed...and saw the Grim Reaper standing in the corner. He was seven feet tall, with a brown robe. He pointed to me and said, 'Relax, it's not your time to go. You have been given gifts. These gifts are ready to be received by mankind. So get on your feet and improve.' Then he laughed, spun his scythe and left. I wasn't asleep and I hadn't been for days. Whether this was a premonition or an angel in disguise, I don't know. But it was a positive reinforcement to stay on the road to recovery, which I've done."

homeless people should all be killed.. just sayin

they're called untouchables for a reason

So if I just called you unsexable your doomed to virginity for the rest of your life?

This is why your not supposed to care about the homeless. It's his own fault for being homeless and drunk.

people, you can't just jump to the conclusion that homeless are drunk, lazy, drug users. obviously, some of them are, but there's a good amount of people who are hoeless because they got laid off, and it all went down hill from there. if your source of income got laid off, and no one could find a job, where do you think you'll be in a couple months?

I was one hoeless because I was broke also

ahm, most people that get laid off were the lazier ones anyway! I find it hard to believe that someone holding a engineering degree easily getting laid off, and so much difficulty finding a new job, that he has to become homeless. On the other hand, those people that work as janitors and garbage collectors, didn't see the importance of a good education, and got stuck with shitty jobs. so I'm still gonna say that even if people get laid off and go homeless, they were shady anyway...

19 I'm sorry, but what you said was stupid. Right now the economy is pretty shitty and lots of people are losing their jobs, and it's not because they're lazy. Also, banks have been taking houses away from people (foreclosure). While I'll agree that some homeless people may be lazy or lowlifes, not all are because you don't know their situation and how they got there in the first place.

Oh and I forgot to mention that it's pretty tough to find a job these days. Why do you think people write FMLs about doing stupid things in front of the interviewers? I can see that they're embarrassed but I'm pretty sure that they're upset that they didn't get a job. That's my .02.

anorexicbarbie the reality bus has arrived would you like a ride? When you grow up you will realize that what your saying is garbage. If someone is laid off they should have enough motivation to find another job, even if it's flipping burgers whatever it may be, there are jobs.

anorexic, Speak about your own country. Yes America has a shitty economy at the moment, with unemployment rates at 9.6% here we have less than half of that! also your dollar is losing its value due to your government just printing money as I believe. Seeing OP is from india, I'm sure there is a telecommunications company that wouldn't mind hiring useless bastards to phone me during my dinner time.

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First off: India has been fudging it's poverty line. So 44, you are ALSO clueless. If you don't believe me, look up a book called "Stuffed and Starved," it's a valid source. If you know how to check valid sources. Second off: I met a homeless man who had THREE degrees. He was laid off because he made too much money. He can't get a job, because they would have to pay him too much money. He hasn't been asking for a lot of money, and I think at this point, he's trying to get a job as a walmart greeter. The only thing he did to deserve his situation was to not do a good job at saving money when married, and getting stuck paying alimony. Third off: The homeless have a tendancy to get beaten up. The man wasn't crazy, he was using his survival instinct to avoid getting beat up. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who run their mouths, and don't know what they are talking about. Until any of you have a VALID source where you get your information from (and not just your mommies and daddies) you really don't have a right to say anything. P.S. Anyone will hire the average age group on this site. Most of you DON'T have degrees, those who do probably don't have more than one, and you never have to worry about a 16 year old flipping burgers long enough to have to pay him the big bucks.

well, if he would of saved his money and not gotten a divorce he wouldn't be homeless jackhole. Everyone puts themselves in their own situations. You do stupid shit expect stupid shit to happen. Newtons 1st law duhh

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I'm pretty sure the guy didn't plan on getting laid off or divorced. like the others have said not all homeless people are homeless cause they're lazy or stupid, so don't judge people unless you been a mile in there shoes.

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When you're one of tens of thousands of engineers laid off because of a downturn in the economy, you may very well find it hard to get a new job. Just because people get laid of doesn't mean they were lazy. Companies make all sorts of decisions about who to get rid of. Those decisions are not always right. Think about what happened to Enron, AIG, or LemanBros. Ya, they're not engineers, but the principle is the same. I'd be willing to bet some of the low level people working for those companies had problems finding new jobs

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GaryBusey1121, Homeless == jobless. There are lots of people who actually work but are still homeless because the jobs they have might not be enough to pay for all their needs and rent/mortgage. Many people on this site are clueless sheltered people who've not had to really struggle for anything. You shouldn't have to have the same thing happen to you to develop some level of empathy. I fear for humanity.

the post is from INDIA, the homeless situation is just a little bit different to America. anyone with three degrees in India will not let themselves end up on the streets. no one won't be able to get a job because they will have to be paid too much and I would bet that at least 99% of them are not blaming the economy for being homeless

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Yep, many homeless people are crazy. I had a homeless guy come into my bar last night threatening to expose himself if we didn't give him a beer. He could have been a **** star!

homeless people usually do some pretty cool tricks for a beer. It's like going to the zoo with a bag of peanuts

I had a homeless guy threaten me because I was cleaning up litter in the woods and I recycled his cardboard box. Apparently he was living in it....

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wow. bless your heart. lol. I worked in a bar to help pay for college. you see all kinds of crazy huh.

Sourgirl- he threatened? Sounds like he showed you the old pork n beans.

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Haha, he left after I took my camera out. Umm.... I needed evidence for the cops (that never showed up! (Not because I'm a perv)).