By Anonymous - United States - Bel Air
Today, while opening up to a few friends about how I was sexually abused as a child, one of them blurted "Pics or it didn't happen." How did the others react? With outrage? No, just with awkward chuckling. FML
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Agreed. You trusted them with something about you that they should never joke about but they went ahead and did it anyways. Get friends who are sympathetic and not total douchebags.

  Danne696  |  14

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  NightKat  |  25

I agree with you #5. Sometimes the filter just isn't on, and inappropriate things just kinda slip out. Been there, done that. The friend wasn't trying to be insensitive. And they were probably trying to laugh it off because it was so awkward, and they didn't know what else to do. You never know.

By  lilchica22001  |  22

That's disgusting! You definitely need new friends OP.
Maybe look into joining a support group. They have lots on Facebook and you would be able to talk to people who have experienced what you have. It would surely help to be able to talk about it with like-minded people who aren't scumbags like your friends.