By emptypockets - 31/10/2014 13:35 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I was pulled over and fined $100 for driving without a license, as I'd accidentally left home without my wallet. I later found my wallet wedged beside my car seat, where it had been the entire time. FML
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If you go to court and prove you have it, it may be dismissed.


iAmPaul 49

Awwww I wish there was a light blue button that says that.

your profile picture seems to be the expression of the cop who got to ticket OP.

My question is why did you get pulled over in the first place it's not like he saw you and said oh he doesn't have his license on him.

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Driving while (insert ethnicity) You can get it dismissed by going to court and presenting your license

one time I was pulled over with my mom asleep and didn't know she had my license

OP at least you didn't get your drivings permit taken off of you for a couple of months!

If you go to court and prove you have it, it may be dismissed.

Unlikely since there's no way to prove he had it at the time he was driving.

Doesn't matter I've had a ticket for no id. I went in and a judge dismissed the fine because I had it just not on me, very nice lady.

#8, yes you can if you see the date issued and compare it to the date of the ticket

Chances are good to dismiss it. I once got ticketed for not having proof of insurance with me. I fought it in court with the proper paperwork and it was thrown out. Only had to pay a $10 clerk fee. Fighting it still sucks for the OP because it's taking time out of their day to go to the courthouse to dispute it. But hey, if he can save $100. it might be worth the trouble to him?

it might be different rules in Australia. usually if you don't have your license they just look up your name on their database. or at least thats how its always been for me

I have the same experience as #20, they've looked me up a few times because I left my license in a work truck or something. I'll add that I live in California where I get pulled over weekly either for my tint or because "It looked like you were speeding." Douchiest cops in America patrol my town and they still look me up when I forget my license.

Around here they issue a conditional ticket, even if you know your license number like I do. If you report to the police station with it in 48 hours they cancel it. If you don't, you've got to go fight it in traffic court.

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#8, like everyone else said, it doesn't matter. If you have a driver's license and go to court and show you have it, whether it was in the car with you or not, you'll likely get the ticket dropped. Same with a proof of insurance ticket; easy to dismiss if you actually have insurance and go to court for the ticket.

Who knows down there. In the US, if you're pulled over without your license registration, or insurance on you you get at least 3 days to take the proof to the court or police department.

From other Aussie commenters apparently it is a fine no matter what. When I was there I just had to go to the us embassy and then to a local court to get a ticket cleared up. Had a 5 day port call swerved to dodge a camel, yes camel, and ended up blowing two tires and apparently passport and American ID wasn't good enough. Guess I was lucky I was a tourist.

generally police can look up your license. at least where I live. maybe its different where you are. but damn, that sucks. I'm sorry.

OP is from Australia. When driving you must have your license on you otherwise you are subject to an on-the-spot fine. You might be asked to produce it later at a police station.

A cop once pulled up to my window as I was waiting in a parking lot and asked for my license, which I had left at home, but he just looked me up on his laptop and all was well. I wonder if it works the same in other countries

Car manufacturers should make a device that tells you if something is in between or below the seats, and lifts it up for you to retrieve. It would solve so many problems.

It would create problems IMO because some people like to store things under theirs seats and it could be a driving hazard if your seat lifts up randomly.

And fire should be forbidden because it can burn houses.

Wouldn't it be great if you could call your wallet when it's been misplaced, like if it were a phone. Maybe have a "i'm right here!" ringtone.

Locater chips aren't that bad of idea for purses and wallets. * files papers to patent idea*

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You should memorize your DL# in case it happens again.

Unfortunately it's illegal to drive without carrying your license in Australia, even if they can look you up you would still get a fine for breaking the law.

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You should have chased for the cop

I hope youre being sarcastic. That would be interesting to see on the news.