By Anonymous - 27/05/2014 19:26 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, I was at a bar, when a heavily drunk guy came up to me and slurred "Fuucckkk lady, your face... not even with beer goggles!" FML
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Wow, that's definitely a blow to the ego... I would've cried lol.


J'ai le droit de repondre "hahaha" vous êtes pas obliges de me defoncer connard compris?

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This is a very sad 1st comment.. At least try and be creative with it or put something that relates to the FML. And don't worry OP, drunk people can be complete assholes.

And the judgemental FML vultures swoop in again....

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You each did what you wanted to do. #1 put in a lame first comment #9 commented on it. FML works

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*silent tear down OP's face*

today, I finally got to comment first on an fml post and all I could think of was hahaaaa x) Fml

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6, Hey it's a cute Smiley!! Lol x)

#9 I understand what you're saying about drunk people being assholes but OP did state that the drunk guy said not even with beer goggles so maybe OP just really is an ugly female, not everyone looks good and that's the sad truth but as women we're made to think that we have to all look beautiful...I've seen some really ugly men as well....sorry OP that was harsh of the drunk guy

Haha, I wouldn't laugh at others honey. Joke's on you. Your face is more than worthy of that comment!

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This is true, but at the same time, harsh. Ouch.

Ok, I want to tell you to go to hell.

As soon as I read the FML, I knew it was an Australian one. Gotta love Aussies

About #6: Hate to play the captain here, but I believe it's neither a cyclops nor a smilie, if you know what I mean. ;)

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wow that must suck! but dont worry OP he was drunk and probably eve a sober slob himself.

Once upon a time there was there was an ugly barnacle...

... He was so ugly, that everyone died. The end.

Nobody thumbs up this comment. It's at 69, keep it that way.

Let's try it differently and give you -69 :)

I'm pretty sure all the people who are obsessed with getting comments to 69 up- or down-votes recently hit puberty.

I hate drunks like that. I like the fun ones. He sounds like an ass in general...

When I say he must be an ass in general I mean he must naturally be kind of a douche...I have girlfriends that are just the sweetest girls when they are shit faced and I can be horribly drunk and all my 'bitchyness' comes out. It was already there...but being wasted makes it visible

I think getting drunk might bring out the aspects of your personality that you hide. like the people who have a lot of anger they repress drink and get violent, and the people who try to act tough drink and then are nice to people they don't like.

when i got drunk ,I blurted out nonsense constantly …on the other hand ,I got the guts to confess to my girl when wasted

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#4 I'm sure you're a pretty girl underneath all of that, but your makeup is not working for you... at all.

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......why are your lips whiter than your face?

Wow, that's definitely a blow to the ego... I would've cried lol.

Not necessarily. OP, I would say your life sucks, but you don't need some guy's approval on how you look. Your purpose is not to serve as society's definition of eye candy. Hang in there

Don't mind drunk *****. They're drunk!!!

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I think you missed the point...

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Ouch. That would hurt the ego

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Maybe he said that because he was drunk? Idk op, sorry!

OP don't worry about him he's just an ass.

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