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By  FrenchMixer  |  9

Hahaaaaa x)

  FrenchMixer  |  9

I do what I want to do no?

  pita1331  |  7

#9 I understand what you're saying about drunk people being assholes but OP did state that the drunk guy said not even with beer goggles so maybe OP just really is an ugly female, not everyone looks good and that's the sad truth but as women we're made to think that we have to all look beautiful...I've seen some really ugly men as well....sorry OP that was harsh of the drunk guy

  llamaslikesoda  |  21

#11 go home you're drunk


When I say he must be an ass in general I mean he must naturally be kind of a douche...I have girlfriends that are just the sweetest girls when they are shit faced and I can be horribly drunk and all my 'bitchyness' comes out. It was already there...but being wasted makes it visible

  ohcheriecherie  |  20

I think getting drunk might bring out the aspects of your personality that you hide. like the people who have a lot of anger they repress drink and get violent, and the people who try to act tough drink and then are nice to people they don't like.

  EdenCrystal  |  21

Not necessarily. OP, I would say your life sucks, but you don't need some guy's approval on how you look. Your purpose is not to serve as society's definition of eye candy. Hang in there