By cowgirl - Canada - Etobicoke
Today, my friends and I held an intervention for my fiancé. He's been talking and behaving like an "old-timey cowboy" non-stop for the last three months. Our wedding is in a month and he refuses to marry me if I can't accept his "life choices." FML
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  TaffyMichele  |  9

Just like some people don't want to live with an old-timey cowboy, others wouldn't want to live with a stereotypical Jamaican girl. I personally don't think I could. I can't stand the accent.

By  desoto96  |  9

It's a stage, my mom tells me that my dad did the same thing right before I was born. He even started riding bulls at a local place. But after a little while he realized that he is definitely not a cowboy.

  DustyStorm  |  16

I agree with your profile and your photo.... Plus I'm a huge fan of the show. Just watched sunday's latest show last night, whoa! If you are a shoe girl check on eBay for Iron fist zombie stompers, so awesome I had to have a pair!

  gc327072  |  29

103- they're talking about The Walking Dead, as gracehi's picture is of one of the characters (Daryl). But yes, it was phrased rather abruptly.

By  Docbee  |  11

You should of saw the signs, now you're thinking to yourself why you let him practise riding you. Of course he'd be obsessed now if you suddenly stopped after three months :3