By bender - 10/02/2010 05:03 - Canada

Today, I decided that it would be good exercise to shovel the ice on the backyard patio. Now I can't stand up. FML
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ah bet Australias looking good right now no ice, have fun in the cold


That is what kids are for... send one out.

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Unless you live in Minnesota, this isn't an FML to me :(

Exercise?! Bah. Shovelling ice is a bad idea im British and hate ice i chuck diesel on it and woooosh ice is gone.( dont use petrol as it is more explosive than diesel) Peace out x

The OP lives in Canada?? I'm sure they got a ton of snow

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hire a Mexican? wait mexicans don't live in Canada, only Chinese people

ah bet Australias looking good right now no ice, have fun in the cold

AngryNinja 1

exactly 9. and no snowdays. like.. i don't have school today. ^.^

#9: the **** it's sad, it's great. I live in WI, I'm ******* SICK of snow.

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Why did you bring your laptop with you to shovel ice outside? Sigh...

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Unless she has her desktop PC outside, then yes, I would assume she would have brought it outside. Since she can't "stand up", it would be impossible for her to walk in to her computer inside and type this FML. I know I sound like a picky asshole, but with the amount of fake, referenced, ripped FML's these days, noone can be trusted, lol.

have you considered that someone might have helped the OP inside? what do you think people do when they fall over on the ice? lay there till they feel better?

no school here for more than a week! but I shoveled too, an Jesus, it really sucks.

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Yes I've considered it, since it's the only proper way she could have gotten inside. Still doesn't explain how she can't stand up, but is still able to go type up this FML. The only excuse is an iPhone, however this FML wasn't uploaded through a mobile device, or the default France location.

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I think ops back is just really sore and it could be the day after. also if that's what it is atleast op was right and it was a good exercise

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Try some regular exercise. YDI.

perdix 29

No pain, no gain! Now that you are flat on your back, make yourself useful to some the men in the neighborhood in exchange for shoveling your sidewalks and driveway.

And so begins the neighborhood walk for cancer. That is, if the OP is a Cancer. And the men walk to her instead of driving/skiing.

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For better exercise, work out those thumbs and write FMLs.

wow how fat r u? like do u ever exercise....u should be able to walk! i mean how big is ur patio???

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I live in Iowa......Ice sucks ass.

only a woman would see shoveling ice as exercise

AngryNinja 1

instead of choosing to see it as 'aw, ****. ice. now i have to go work!'. right?

Ajjas013 6

Or a gay man... I think. Maybe shoveling ice is her idea of foreplay :)