By Noname - 15/02/2009 20:28 - United States

Today, I was at a fraternity party, and one of the hosts said over the loudspeaker "turn to the person next to you and picture them naked, then drink a beer if the mental image disturbs you". I turned, only to be face-to-face with my ex-boyfriend. He drank two beers. FML
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ouch. ><. & as the #1 said, i seriously hope u slapped him!

Y'all really enjoy resorting to Violence in here don't yah. If she slapped me I wouldn't be afraid to slap back.

That's what you get for going to a frat party. And for dating a frat guy. And for thinking there are any redeeming qualities in anything at a frat.

i think it would have been worse if it had been a randomer not your ex. you guys have broken up and so you already knew he didnt have feelings for you etc. etc. i would have been more insulted by this if i didn't already know the person disliked me

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hey #7 just because you had a bad time at some fraternity doesn't mean that every one is the same. If you're a guy don't be so bitter because no fraternity would ever give you a bid, you're obviously a tool... and if you're a chick, don't be so bitter because you have to take the walk of shame every morning, alcohol makes guys do things they would rather not remember the next day...

#12, I agree. Now slapping him or taking 5 beers, ok... a little insulting. What you should've done instead is walked over and tapped a keg.

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awww... he was doing that just to piss you off. now what would really suck is if the guy who did that was someone you liked.

lol you drank 3? then threw up? in front of him? LOL he probably got nervous