By Noname / Sunday 15 February 2009 20:28 / United States
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Y'all really enjoy resorting to Violence in here don't yah. If she slapped me I wouldn't be afraid to slap back.

That's what you get for going to a frat party. And for dating a frat guy. And for thinking there are any redeeming qualities in anything at a frat.

i think it would have been worse if it had been a randomer not your ex. you guys have broken up and so you already knew he didnt have feelings for you etc. etc. i would have been more insulted by this if i didn't already know the person disliked me

hey #7 just because you had a bad time at some fraternity doesn't mean that every one is the same. If you're a guy don't be so bitter because no fraternity would ever give you a bid, you're obviously a tool... and if you're a chick, don't be so bitter because you have to take the walk of shame every morning, alcohol makes guys do things they would rather not remember the next day...

#12, I agree. Now slapping him or taking 5 beers, ok... a little insulting. What you should've done instead is walked over and tapped a keg.

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