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  Morning_fml  |  22

The doctor was actually being honest. Braces take time to fix your teeth, some longer than others depending on the condition of your teeth. It's worth the wait though.

  bwinski  |  19

I was looking at it like this: She will get them off around this Christmas but that they weren't sure if it was this year (2015) or next year (2016) because January 1st is around Christmas but technically next "year". Idk, I thought it was just a little technicality joke by the orthodontist... Good luck either way!

By  jadalaheart  |  23

It could be worse, I had to take my braces off with a pair of pliers b/c we lost our health insurance. I still have glue stuck to my teeth from it. ^n^. It makes my teeth look more yellow.


For someone going paycheck to paycheck with basic living expenses 200+ dollars for an ortho appointment and brace removal isnt exactly practical.
That being said, whatever dentist put them on is pretty shitty, as I've seen similar things happen and the dentist always made up a payment plan, did it heavily discounted, or did /something/ so the person wasnt stuck with braces on their teeth.

  chriss2015  |  13

They used pliers at the dentists office to get mine off. Only difference is that they gave me a nice cleaning afterwards. I'm shocked they didn't give you a payment plan ahead of time like above stated.

  Peachy2392  |  26

It's a process and I'm not saying OP does this, but some people don't always care for their braces the way they should or don't wear their rubber bands. That can drag out how long you have braces and make it more difficult for the orthodontist to estimate how long you'll have them.

  JustinJK  |  21

I got invisaligns a couple years ago. My orthodontist told me to keep them on if I wanted to perform oral because the things that were attached to my teeth were sharp. so. lol idk.

By  more4me  |  27

pretty typical doctor humour... either that or they ask you a question when the have both their hands and a bunch of instruments in your mouth! Hang in there, OP. Better get through this now than later on as an adult.