By texasbest - United States - Lindale
Today, at my new job, I walked into the office to hear my supervisor and HR manager talking about how, "the new guy isn't very smart, but we can get him to do the shit work for a couple weeks." Gee, thanks. FML
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By  hkhan24  |  23

See how it goes first before making any rash decisions. Certainly don't do anything impulsive based on what you overheard until you've at least confirmed they're talking about you

By  Jowisee  |  29

Well you are the newbie. It can be hard to intigrate into a new workplace, there will already be a pecking order and cliques. You have to stick it out and prove that you can do the job and get to know people. Work through the shit and when they start to respect you and see you aren't going anywhere they will give you better work.