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Today, I arrived 10 minutes early to my orthodontist's office to get my braces off. It turns out my appointment was actually one hour earlier, and now the next available appointment is in four weeks. FML
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youngmessi252525 20

I would have shown up a day early

Your teeth will look beautiful no matter what!


Your teeth will look beautiful no matter what!

Unless you don't wear a retainer for the rest of your life, then they'll go back to normal.

Not necessarily. I know some people who stopped, and their teeth haven't grown back together. I also know some people who wear theirs every couple of days. It just depends on the person!

You have to wear your retainers pretty much 24/7 when you first get your braces taken off, and then after a few months you have to start wearing them only during the night, and then wean it off to 6 nights a week until you get to 1 night a week. After that you can probably go down to once a month, but I've been on one night a week for the last 5 years and I can feel them moving if I leave it too long, that and it gets incredibly painful to put them in. My wisdom teeth are still coming through so I think if I don't wear my retainers, the wisdom teeth will destroy it. One tooth on the bottom already looks like it's being pushed out of place :(

@32 You should probably get an appointment to make sure everything is okay (and based on your description, it's not).

mariathehoe 15

I know it must really suck but I'm sure 4 weeks will go by very quickly! Be patient, it'll be worth it.

youngmessi252525 20

I would have shown up a day early

Taking off braces is a glorious thing, I wouldn't miss it for anything. By the way, I'm getting mine off in 4-6 months, I should probably go now.

I know braces suck but just clutch it out for one more month

That's what they did.. Their scheduled appointment is 4 weeks from now..

olpally 32

4 weeks isn't too bad. Sucks that you showed up an hour late though.

I'm sorry to hear about that, OP. But don't worry. It will be worth the wait. Until you get them off, remember that there is nothing wrong with have braces. I dont know what you look like, but I'm sure you look just fine. Keep your head up, OP. Time will fly by and your appointment will be here before you know it. (:

Have you ever had braces? The looks aren't the problem.

Yes. It was a very long time ago, however. I never had too many issues with them. (:

Oof I have braces now and I really wanna get them off.. I still have until April.. Oh well tho, I guess ur teeth just looked better... Maybe it was a good thing??

Same! April is my due date to have 'em off. It'll come quick

This website is 99% first world problems.

leogachi 15

@13 This website is full of first world problems, so I don't understand why you felt the need to single out this one.