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It's not selfish to want to go but it's selfish to think it's only up to your parents to save for you. My parents chose to work jobs that they loved, that gave them hours that allowed them to spend time with my brothers and I, and helped a lot of people with their work. They could have either saved up for us all to go to college themselves, or paid off the house early, put food on the table, etc. I got two degrees by using student loans, a small amount of financial aid, scholarships, and working. By paying off my loans on time I'm building a good credit score and am learning about my own finances. It makes me an adult.

College is a time to get educated in the classroom and about how to live your life. All the spoiled assholes that get a free ride to school on daddy's dime are more likely to not take what they are doing as seriously, which hurts their academic career and doesn't let them mature. I am incredibly thankful that I don't have the sense of entitlement some of the people commenting here have. That's probably why I already have a starter house and a good job in my field while all my trust fund friends are working temp jobs and living in their parents' houses.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

I'm not sure OP was thinking that it was only up to the parents to pay. Most people can't save up enough to pay for the entire thing anyway so students are usually looking at loans or grants, not matter what.
But you gotta admit that having your parents laugh at you when you ask about a college fund can give you a sinking feeling. Not quite FML, but definitely FMD. Two years is plenty of time to figure out how to fund college, whether its working, loans, grants, all of the above.

  baden18830  |  5

it's a perfectly fair question, and to all you saying get a job, stop being stupid and realize that OP is most likely 15 or just 16, meaning a job is either not possible or just barely possible. we don't all have parents that can ferry us around all day

  IconicFML  |  9

In the past getting a job may have been an expectation to pay for college because prices didn't have average in the 40,000$ range for private colleges. However when many peoples yearly salaries for full time work don't extend to that amount getting a job could only scratch the surface of college debt.

  emirenee  |  6

So you're one of those assholes that think they're better than others because they had to work to pay off college. Which I do give you props for, but don't assume that someone who doesn't have to is spoiled. I watched my brother work his ass off in high school to get the best scholarship he could so my parents didn't have to pay as much and he took more college classes than anyone in his school because they were free. He did all this knowing my parents have enough money to pay for college. Now that he's been in college for 3 years he continues to keep up a 4.0 gpa; and he's going to be a mechanical engineer, which anyone with a brain knows is a extremely challenging degree is earn. I get to see my fully grown brother cry sometimes due to all the stress he puts himself under to get great grades. My parents still had to pay half because we don't get financial aid, but they're beyond happy with that.

  Zebidee  |  8

That's because in Australia, university tuition is basically affordable, and the government has reasonable assistance schemes that don't leave you crippled by debt for the rest of your life.

  lizzard2903  |  0

They don't necessarily leave you 'crippled for life', although it is essentially like taking out a loan for your education whereby when you graduate and find a stable job, much of your income goes towards paying the loan off. Therefore, leaving small amounts of money to actually live off.. :)

  TheDrifter  |  23

Crippled for life? Try community college or state university. I went to U North Dakota for four years and finished with a degree and less than 10k in debts and loans.

I note op didn't say they wanted to go to university, they said they were going to go. Gotta love that entitled mindset.

  monknicker  |  14

However many Australians still live at home when they go to university whereas most New Zealanders have to move away and pay for rent and food, too. Also university is a lot more expensive in many other countries and students don't receive as much support from the government. We have it lucky down under!

By  lkd8165  |  0

Some people work their way through college and pay for it themselves. Generally if it's your money you won't be slacking off in nowadays not too many people can afford four years of college for each of their kids. Good grief.

By  steeledwolf  |  8

get a job... I have one and I'm 13 (japan's laws are not against it ether and I hate workin) but yeah you pay for your own stuff like a regular person an quit askin for money

By  FYLDeep  |  25

Yeah, I'm probably going to be 20 grand in the hole when I get out. Live it up now, you most likely won't be debt free for a loooooong time afterwards.