By dcait_1196 - France
Today, I went to see Jackass 3 in 3D. While the previews were playing, some guy sitting next to me leaned over and began telling me what happens in every scene, completely ruining the movie for me. He tried to get my number afterwards. FML
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  FaberDriveLuv  |  5

...Wait...if he told you the entire movie during the previews, you could have gotten a refund....well at least my local movie theatre lets you exchange or refund the ticket 30 minutes after the ticket is bought.

  robertdr  |  0

*robert holds the sign up........a 10!!! u get a ten for the super sick shirt, for some strange reason i swore i was the only sucker in the world that bought one

By  Hopersz  |  0

O wtf. I would have knocked his sorry ass to the ground. I hate people who ruin stuff. You should have given him the number to the rejection hotline