By dcait_1196 - 16/10/2010 13:14 - France

Today, I went to see Jackass 3 in 3D. While the previews were playing, some guy sitting next to me leaned over and began telling me what happens in every scene, completely ruining the movie for me. He tried to get my number afterwards. FML
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How do you ruin a jackass movie? Is there a story line?

Give him the suicide hotline. Ehhh, maybe not. Just be an ass.


Give him the suicide hotline. Ehhh, maybe not. Just be an ass.

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I thought they tell you exactly what they're going to do before they do it... wasabi snooters - he's going to suck wasabi up his nose. so did it make it less funny?

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Wow OP that would piss me off so much. I hope you didn't give him your number unless he was super hot then it's okay.

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Who gives a shit, really? Those pranks don't get old anyways.

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so listen..can i have yo numba? grace kelly, nuetrogena, etc. haha

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To be honest, there's not much to ruin, all the good stunts are shown in the trailor anyways.

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haha suicide hotline? will he be that rejected? I know you meant rejection but I think suicide is funnier

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OP YDI for calling it jackass 3 in 3D. it's jackass 3D you jackass.

...Wait...if he told you the entire movie during the previews, you could have gotten a refund....well at least my local movie theatre lets you exchange or refund the ticket 30 minutes after the ticket is bought.

*robert holds the sign up........a 10!!! u get a ten for the super sick shirt, for some strange reason i swore i was the only sucker in the world that bought one


How do you ruin a jackass movie? Is there a story line?

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hey, keepmeonthedl... If you're 15 and born in 94, you must have a birthday coming up shortly. so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (sorry i noticed)

Haha thanks of noticing 73! Now I feel special :D

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not exactly, what Op meant was that the guy told her about all the stunts they do, ruining the element of shock and surprise, which makes jackass fun to watch

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Well did you give it to him? :)

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HAHAHA XD FAIL!!! you should have moved seats no?

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there's no story line to ruin. fools.

I hate it when people kill the movie fyl.

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O wtf. I would have knocked his sorry ass to the ground. I hate people who ruin stuff. You should have given him the number to the rejection hotline

Or, you know, just rejected him. Grow some ******* balls.