By Gayeveryday - 15/04/2012 04:12 - Canada - Truro

Today, I came out to my parents. They still think I'm joking. FML
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They'll believe you when you bring someone home, I bet.

At least you were brave enough to do it


Don't worry OP. They may take time to understand but they eventually will

Yes, they're probably just a bit shocked.

I'm so jealous at OP, i still can't come out and i wish i could do that.

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Hopefully they will understand.. Some parents can only think about 1 thing.. Grand children.. And such.. I hope the parents eventually understand!

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Gay couples can still have children. It might not work exactly the same as it does for straight people but they're still their children in a very real sense.

There is something wrong with gays it's not natural whatsoever so it makes sense their thinking that it's a joke because gays ARE NOT NATURAL!!!

61- Oh really, gays aren't natural. That's why a good part of the population is gay; and homosexuality was also found in some animals. Because you know it's all a choice. People like you make me so angry, because you're all so blind. Why don't you study up on some real facts and not false ones that your parents put in your head as a child and think for yourself.

#61 - Gays are 100% natural. It's not their fault that they are born like that, and nor is there anything wrong with it. **** off and think before you post.

It's not a choice you are born gay straight or bi

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61- Yeah, I'm unnatural for being gay. Some evil demon MUST have made me gay because it's ******* impossible that it happened naturally. 1- Oh really now? Still waiting.

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#48- obviously gays can still have children. I never said they couldn't, but -And I'm going with how my gay friends mothers reacted here- They were more mad about not being able to see they're sons in a tiny childlike version than the son actually being gay.

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I know a few men who are gay and fathered children with other women solely to have kids (consensual for all parties, just to clarify; it wasn't a trick or anything). So not only is adoption feasible - even if not as feasible as it damn well should be - but biological children are possible too, provided that's something everybody wants.

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I like gay people and I am totally cool with people who want to do that, that's their thing. But the only thing I hate is when gay people try to push their agenda on me and give me a hard time for not being gay (yeah it's happened before). I dont push being straight on any gay people I know, so they should lay off it. Is being gay really something you're born with? Because I know a few people who have been straight most of their lives and just recently decided to become gay. It seems more of a choice than something you're born with. I'm not trying to be ignorant or insensitive, I'm just curious. Sorry if I offend anyone.

From what I have heard it is genetic, and therefore it is likely they are born gay and just don't realize that what they feel is gay unroll later.

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I hate these fmls. Instead of coming out, why don't you just grab a rope and hang yourself, that way you can save all the pain and suffering of your parents knowing you died of aids from taking it in the butt.

I'd never understand if my kid came out. I just hope when I have kids that doesn't happen cuz I dont know what I'd do. It'd really suck though....definitely isn't natural. Creation began with a man and a woman for a reason.....let's keep it that way!

108- Your kids will turn out gay or straight whether you understand that or not, all you can do is decide if your love for them is worth more than your ignorant hate for a different life style. Also please try to remember that not everyone believes as you do in regards to religion/evolution/whatever. If you want to use a supportive example to make a point, use one that's actually indisputable, thus means something to someone of a different belief system.

108- How about not? At the rate we are going, the Earth will have a overpopulation problem. You should thank people like OP for pushing back the problem until later instead of pushing religious views on them. /BigSarcasmTag

[112] I don't need to make an indisputable point for people of other belief systems. I'm not going to try and cater to others beliefs systems. Everyone thinks that it's ignorant to make a comment like I did....but it's's being firm in my belief. However....I never said I wouldn't still love my kids. I would love my kid whether or not they were gay....but doesn't mean I'd have to agree with their lifestyle choice. And yes I believe it's a choice.

113....I'm not pushing religious views on anyone. I'm merely expressing my view and concern. Everyone that thinks homosexuality is okay gets to speak freely but I don't? He can do whatever he wants with his life but I'm not gonna pretend like I don't think there's something wrong with that lifestyle. Just so u know I have had gay friends in the past. I still like them and care about them as people, doesn't mean I agree with all their lifestyles choices though!

108, people like you are the reason why everyone hates religious people. Just because you are straight, that does not mean that homosexuality is wrong. I'm catholic and I would would be completely fine if any of my future kids were gay.

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Being gay is a choice. Being born with it is bullshit

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When my parents found out they didn't talk to me for 3 days.

******* parents. It's not worth the grief to tell them anything.

They'll believe you when you bring someone home, I bet.

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Do you even watch 'How I met your Mother' or do you just used the 'true story's meme as your example?

Well, Neil Patrick Harris is gay anyway, but Barney, his character, is certainly straight.

There is only one gay person on this planet, so yes, every homosexual is Neil Patrick Harris

aw man, my friend will be so happy when I tell him he's Neil Patrick Harris.

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77 - Stop being a grammar nazi. Please! It's a website/app used for fun

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Maybe they're just in denial.

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The Nile is a river in Egypt.

Definetly denial. Give them time to get used to it!

At least you were brave enough to do it

You know the world has gone to shit, when you have to be 'brave' in order to tell people your sexuality.

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It is brave, very much so! By coming out as gay you open yourself up to discrimination by law, prejudice by peers and sometimes contempt, it is a very, very brave thing for a young person to stand up for himself/herself.

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Well the people about are correct, he is very brave but to be honest if I had come up with the courage to do that and then be not believed..I wouldn't feel too relieved of myself.

Give them time to accept it. If they don't, move on with your life. Good luck.

Good for you OP. Shame about your parents not believing. Just ignore them and get on with your life. They'll definitely come to believe it when you get a boyfriend.

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What happened to all your stories SkoomaKi?

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FYL OP they're probably just having a hard tike accepting, are in denial or have wrong standards for what a homosexual should be like, be patient they'll coke around.

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Sorry about that FYL they should actually listen to you

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Congratulations on coming out OP! *throws glitter*

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