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Today, I went to the movies with my best friend. While waiting for it to start, I went on to describe this guy I really liked and how badly I wanted to do him. Just then the girl sitting behind us leans down and says "That's my little brother. So you're the creeper he talks about." FML
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Best to talk about things like that when in complete privacy.

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Best to talk about things like that when in complete privacy.

People who use the word creeper need to go the **** up.

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go the **** up where and what does that have to do with #1's comment?

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I have a weird feeling that the girl that wants to be screwed is like 13. Ew? O_O

agreed. but isn't it weird to talk about those things period? especially if they aren't even together? :/

Why because your a creeper. Op WTF you talk about him in a movie? god what's wrong with you! telling your friend every detail of who you want to **** and how nasty your probably a kid. Just die. Please. Suka

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well that is kinda creeper like

why would you say that out loud in a public place??

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I know this chick who told everyone where and how she had sex with this guy she was with in my science class.

Uh how does talking about a guy while waiting for a movie mean something is wrong with her? And how does all this make her a little kid? Correct me if I'm wrong but I know so many 20+ year old adults who are just as pathetic and immature as a 15 year old.

Oh my above comment was directed to #40

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It's her own fault. That's just WRONG.

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Lol, she ****** up your mind. Nice prank !

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No, the guy can be the same age as the OP and the sister can be older.. duh.

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No, 13, she means stock. Making sure everything on him is organized and kept restocked.

HAHAHA But seriously, you shouldn't have talked about that in public. What if it was him sitting behind you?

If she's stalking him #5 she'd know he was behind him and wouldn't have said anything

Who said she was stalking? She just went there to see a movie with her friend, and the sister was coincidentally sitting behind her. OP: YDI, you dumbass.

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FYL due to her being behind you due to chance... but I cant blame the sister for what she did either. True she shouldn't ease drop, but i would in that situation. If you are loud enough in a theater for me to hear, I consider myself as part of the conversation.

I always eavesdrop, and I usually keep quiet. Usually. It's good to know things >:3

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Creep bitch. And a House fan, of all things. Double creep bitch.

hey! leave House out of this! House is the greatest show ever!

Ya! Why the hell does that even have relevance?! House has enough problems without you being a jerk :p

little sisters are often jealous this isn't a fyl or a ydi...take nothing from what she said.. she probably didn't even tell i remember when creeper was weed, what is wrong with kids today.

older sis actually. I am one, so I know we get jealous too sometimes tho. It depends on our stupid little bros tho -_-"

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I doubt the girl behind you was really his sister....she just wanted you to shut the **** up and stop talking. If the people behind you can hear every word and get so annoyed they prentend to be someone else, YDI for being a loud-mouthed bitch.

Agreed. It's okay to talk quietly during the previews, I suppose, if you must. But if you're talking loud enough for the person behind you to make out every word? No bueno. And seriously? In public, you decide to talk about a guy that you want to bang? Save it for a more private location, please!

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@Popple - My thoughts exactly. Unless these people live in Mayberry or on Walton's Mountain, I doubt OP just happened to to be sitting in front of the sister of the boy she is stalking. And unless she said his name, how would the sister be so sure? Sounds like OP got punk'd into silence!

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@ 12... or at least don't talk about it so loudly

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YDI, get a life geez it's so creepy that you would even do something like that! You have no chance with him if you continue to be so weird.