By Anonymous - 18/06/2011 15:43 - United States

Today, I went to the movies with my friend and two pretty girls. During the movie, he made out with both of them, while I sat there awkwardly and watched the movie. FML
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That sounds like the plot of all the twilight books put together.

well good thing you didn't kiss them because they sound like sluts..


Damn, that sucks. Should have asked to join in haha.

Or you should of at least TRIED to spit game. btw give your buddy a pat on the back

1 please don't make the threesome jokes into foursome jokes. Please and thank you. Also the other girls have pretty low standards if they allow him to make out with both of them.


I think the girls were just trying to get in Op's pants. Think about it, kissing another man to tease Op, and it worked! This is at least what I think in my mind when stuff like this happens... I could be wrong.

29- That would mean that the girls have no logical train of thought. Sounds about right.

Wow, OP, that sucks so bad. Your friend's pimping, though. Maybe you should ask for advice instead of going home like a loser.

Why would he have asked to join in? It's his fault he should have spit a little bit instead of just sitting there and shit.

hey I live in Illinois too, get used to it. that's just what douche bags do

this happened exactly to me watching Eclipse

So, stuff like this happens to you as well? That's never a good sign.

Who said OP wanted to make out with any of the girls? They might have been gross and his friend is just really horny, and the fact that people were making out right next to him was the awkward part...

a tool? hahahba

ask him to hook you up next time

Ask him to teach you how to be a boss.

foursome in the movies, that's hot.

He must be a Mormon. Don't bash on religion, you fool. :3

theres nothing really wrong with what they was only tactless and antisocial. just comment afterward that you wont be going anywhere with this idiot from now on. make sure he knows how awkward it was so if he ever wants to see you as a friend again then he needs to lift his game. unless youre interested in your friend or which case youre just stupid.

he suggested they were pretty so he was jealous in a way. but what he was fml-ing about is still blurry . that's what I think anyways

he wrote that they were pretty so ya he wanted them but his friend toke both

129 he said two pretty girls. so obv he thought they were attractive

sounds to me like you have no game either.. .

Well OP did say "pretty girls"

Like a boss...

That sounds like the plot of all the twilight books put together.

1215116a 14

Your comments never cease to amaze me.

Unfortunately wouldn't that girl be a friend that dies because she's an innocent bystander? My God someone must save her! Or at least video tape it!

I have never seen an iAmScrubs comment with dislikes

I have ^ . T'was a sad, sad day for the fml population.

having iamscrubs as a real friend would be an amazing life to experience.. someday I hope my comments will be as godly as his :D

Today, I saw an unemployed black man walking like a thug towards my workplace, FML

how does this guy do it?

It does sound like something from the plot of an awful teenybopper book series. Of which Twilight is the epitome. (And by the way, I've never seen anyone else on FML who lives in Vancouver, too. Sweet.)

lemme guess Jasper was the 'awkward' guy

you guys act like iAmScrubs is King of FML. I dunno what's worse the fact that you guys go on this site so much that you really know a commenter, or that you like a guy who's name is iAmScrubs

What...a...player... Learn from that kid, OP

that guy is good. making out with 1 girl while the other girl watches, then switching? he's good.

"in life, there are pros and noobs." - Leet King

Just don't go for cumdumpsters.

he's a total pimp but he left his boy hangin!

All I can think of is drake from drake and josh.

Haha should have made a move than

true, a boat got more wheels than OP

damn!!! hopefully the girls don't think your gay for not joining in:/

Why would it matter if they thought OP was gay?

I assume it's because then they definitely wouldn't do anything with him? If not, you're a homophobic asshole.

Even so, the OP didn't make a move the whole time, I don't think he is too bothered about those particular girls, plenty of fish and all that...

It would suck for them to think you're a FAG, OP.

looks like OP is an actual faggot this time.

I take that comment in my offense

no body is scared of gay guys we just dnt like them fags :P

He was pimpin' poor you OP who had to hear them swap saliva :p

He was pimpin' poor you OP who had to hear them swap saliva :p

He was pimpin' poor you OP who had to hear them swap saliva :p

He was pimpin' poor you OP who had to hear them swap saliva :p

well good thing you didn't kiss them because they sound like sluts..

This^ What kind of girl watches her friend make pit with a guy, and then makes out with the same guy after they're done?

while his friend did it right.

it looks like captain America is hiding a boner in your pic.

they sound like nasty ass hoes to me

maybe the girls where bi and secretly dating? o.o

Oh yeah, let's bash on female sexuality. Forget the fact that everyone has different sexual desires and fantasies. Forget the fact that these girls may have been bisexual. Forget the fact that this may have been something these girls agreed on and wanted. Noooo. Anything involving women and sex either makes her a slut or viewed simply from a male perspective. *Sarcasm*

@202 actually, its a female perspective, the rest is right though.