By LetsMakeLove - / Wednesday 10 June 2009 18:42 / United States
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  loodles  |  0

wow your poor boss Today, I went to the game with some coworkers and put everyone on my tab. One guy bought about 20 beers and puked all over the place. We all just stared. FML.

By  blue_dude  |  0

your boss sounds like an asshole, leaving you on your own when you were in that state

  taybear0  |  14

but what about human decency! yes, OP screwed up and behaved in an indecent manner. But you can't leave someone unconscious where who knows what could have happened to him. the boss or coworkers should've helped OP out, and the boss couldve fired OP later


Today, I came to class, prepared with my notes for the debate we were having today. My teacher then told me that I would be representing the opposite side I chose, despite her saying we could choose our own sides. This happened minutes before the debate started, and my notes were useless. FML

By popularonion - / Friday 15 April 2016 04:09 / Canada - London
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