By LetsMakeLove - United States
Today, I went to the game with my boss and some people he does business with on his tab. I got so drunk that I blacked out, threw up all over the table, and passed out in the bathroom. I woke up alone with my body reeking of vomit, and no phone. FML
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  loodles  |  0

wow your poor boss

Today, I went to the game with some coworkers and put everyone on my tab. One guy bought about 20 beers and puked all over the place. We all just stared. FML.

  taybear0  |  14

but what about human decency! yes, OP screwed up and behaved in an indecent manner. But you can't leave someone unconscious where who knows what could have happened to him. the boss or coworkers should've helped OP out, and the boss couldve fired OP later