By badmom - 10/6/2009 18:09 - Canada
  Today, I heard my daughter scream at my son through the bathroom door, "Are you jacking off in there or something?" and him scream back at her "Shut up you fucking cunt!" My daughter is 7 and my son is 8. FML
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  Noire_  |  0

Actually, you're right~!
I learned the middle finger at school at the lunch table in grade 1 >.>
But I learned most of my swears form my parents.

  lelanatty  |  0

in my life, middle school was where kids started cursing just for the hell of it and would curse every other word just about. now that we're in highschool we're a little more mature and only do it when necessary.


thts rly said op... ur son-HAHAHAHA Fyl! yes public skool and YOU teach ur kids these words! shut ur mouth sometimes! or say these words in a soundproof room..

stop the jacking:

-surveillance cameras
-get your son counselling
-put him in solitary/tie his hands behind his back