By badmom - 10/06/2009 18:09 - Canada

Today, I heard my daughter scream at my son through the bathroom door, "Are you jacking off in there or something?" and him scream back at her "Shut up you fucking cunt!" My daughter is 7 and my son is 8. FML
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Wow. I blame public schools? Harrr. :B

What sort of vulgar environment are you raising your kids in? Or is it simply the way our schooling system has come to nowadays... FYL & YDI.



Wow. I blame public schools? Harrr. :B

Actually, you're right~! I learned the middle finger at school at the lunch table in grade 1 >.> But I learned most of my swears form my parents.

gotta love how there is a star on the word fucking... but cunt is left in the open like it is the less rude of the words

dontpanic_fml 32

haha, totally noticed this too! fucking stupid, OP...

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hahahahaha!!! thts priceless!! :D

Mostly Everyone Learns There Curse Words From There Parents.

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this is soooo messed up in the most saddest way, but because this is FML, this is hilarious xD

yeah... my mum always says c*nt is THE WORST word to say. EVER.

lol as Eminem says "and fuck was the first word I ever learned up in the 3rd grade flipping the gym teacher the bird"

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I learned EVERYTHING in second grade

#717 agreed. I learned ALL of my swear words from either school or TV. Blame the DOE and TV.

wow their smart kids

leadrunner751 3

awesome kids

lol am I the only one who thinks this is funny as hell??

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I was about to say that

why would u blame anything? these are signs of successful parenting!

wow. your name, it makes sense!

Lmaoo I was thinking the exaacttt same thing # 751!

I learned almost every curse word by kindergarten or 1st grade because of my dad being drunk.

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Whaaaaat!!!!! Kids say the darnest things :-p

this guy Is gay. ^

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I can smell your britches and they're stinky, stinky britches.

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Chaith 16

LOL. Assholes, they're getting younger .

I believe that is what the thumb up button is for. No need to waste comment space if you're not going to say anything other than "I agree".

What sort of vulgar environment are you raising your kids in? Or is it simply the way our schooling system has come to nowadays... FYL & YDI.

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Holy hell.

doesn't she know not to disturb a guy taking care of business in the bathroom

tell my brother that, lol.

wow you must be bad, hit them up a bit that should teach them to say those words again, then was their mouth with soap

jesus. time to start paddlin' em

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failparent protip:dont let the children watch R rated movies

its not cuz of that...

Where on earth are they learning to talk to one another like that?!

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ahahah it's calld public skool, gt used 2 eht waaaaaaayyyyyyyy worse in middle skool

I do believe highschool is worse

its an 8 year old jacking off what do ya expect

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in my life, middle school was where kids started cursing just for the hell of it and would curse every other word just about. now that we're in highschool we're a little more mature and only do it when necessary.

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thts rly said op... ur son-HAHAHAHA Fyl! yes public skool and YOU teach ur kids these words! shut ur mouth sometimes! or say these words in a soundproof room.. stop the jacking: -surveillance cameras -get your son counselling -put him in solitary/tie his hands behind his back _HAPPY TO HELP! _HAPPY HELLOWEEN

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paramore125, I'm guessing you never went to school, or you didn't listen because you have the grammar skills of a hobo.

hey some hobos have good grammar okay