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By  yeongji  |  31

I do not drink at all so when things start to get out of hand (believe me, a restaurant once told us they have never sold so much alcohol in a day until we held our party there and lets just say there was vomit everywhere along with a broken table), I take off. This might make me sound like a bad person, but it does not since management hands out taxi chits to those who are incapable of driving home themselves.

By  54754N4  |  14

Been there =/ You should start looking for better company. And I don't mean non-drinkers, just obviously not the binge drinking ones that can't seem to hold their liquor.

  dabaerju  |  23

I wonder how you're supposed to know that. Is it something that you ask in interviews? "Do your employees go binge drinking? The ones that can't seem to hold their liquor?"

By  species4872  |  19

Should have just left everyone there. You and your co-worker are not baby sitters unless you maybe work at a day care place.


I mean the very least OP could do is steal everyone's car keys. if they're too drunk to call for a cab they're too drunk to drive. And come from experiences of some close friends, it's not fun to find out someone died driving home drunk.. people start crying how they should've taken the keys and the loss of a life is tragic enough... the way it possibly could have been avoided sobers some of the most obnoxious party goers... so yeah... sure... it would be OP'S right to leave... but it's not exactly responsible nor the right thing to do in an ethical stance. not just for the sake of the drunk employees but the innocent sober drivers/pedestrians that could be a casualty.