By BadLuck - 27/10/2013 14:30 - United States - Milwaukee

Today, I went to the doctor to see why my walking pneumonia wasn't getting any better. It had. I've just somehow managed to also contract mono... while sitting home, alone. FML
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Um, I think it's time to check for pervy ghosts.

Mono doesn't start taking effect for like a month or two later. So it all depends on what you were doing then. But I feel your pain. Feel better!!


Um, I think it's time to check for pervy ghosts.

Like, casper, the too-damn-friendly ghost.

Mono doesn't start taking effect for like a month or two later. So it all depends on what you were doing then. But I feel your pain. Feel better!!

Not even what she was doing. Just being around someone who had it is enough. The best part: if you get it as a little kid, you don't generally get anything more than cold symptoms. So, moral of the story, get it as a kid and be a carrier for everyone else you ever meet!

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Aw, you got the Kissing Disease without kissing? I hope you don't get screwed the same way with herpes.

Even as a joke, that's not funny. Not to mention that mono is airborne, so you can get it just from touching an infected surface, like a doorknob and then putting your hand near your nose or mouth.

#11 this is a comedy site where people post their funny and tragic stories and people make creative and funny comments. Lighten up.

Mono is not airborne, It is a direct contact viral illness that comes from bodily fluids, most commonly saliva. People like you are the reason you should not believe everything you read on the internet. I am a medical professional and it was most likely in the incubating period, a co-current infection cause by a weakened immune system in direct response to the mono or a misdiagnosis.

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11- Are you an asshat? Mono is not airborne first of all, it happens through direct contact. Secondly, this is a comedy site, for people to post JOKES. If you want something serious I would recommend Experience Project. Have a nice day.

Guys, guys, lets quit arguing. Let's just ask DocBastard. He should know.

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11 - I don't understand how your example of touching an infected surface supports your claim that it is airborne.

Mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, and it's transmitted by saliva (which is why it's called the kissing disease). But you can also contract it by touching something that is contaminated with saliva, and then placing your now-contaminated hand in your mouth, nose, or eyes. It is NOT airborne, and is actually less contagious than the common cold.

According to Mayo clinic, mono is found in a person's saliva which means it can be spread through a cough or a sneeze. Granted it can't survive that long in the air, but if an infected person doesn't cover their mouth when sneezing and someone nearby breaths it in, they can become infected. So, although less contagious than a cold or the flu, it is still classified as being airborne. Go on their website if you don't believe me.

Mono doesn't have to come from kissing, someone with mono could've coughed into their hand, transmitting their infected saliva onto whatever they touch, and thus, what other strangers may touch, giving them mono. I should know, I got mono at 11, and I hadn't kissed anyone at 11.

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Someone give this man a medal.

What effects does the virus have on a person?

Haha really he's arguing with doc. An undergrad in English arguing with a trauma surgeon

Ah, mono.. The "**** you" of sore throats.

maybe your Dr didn't catch the mono the first time. Anyway, feel better!

do you sleepwalk? or have a ghost with a greater social life than you?

Mono sucks. At least you get to stay at home and sleep though?..

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your house is infected, burn it with fire! :0