By ohmigodimchokin - United States
Today, I was sitting at lunch and started choking on a chip. I couldn't breathe and nobody tried to help me. Having to take matters into my own hands, I reached for a juice box that belonged to someone sitting next to me. After I could breathe again, they informed me that they had mono. FML
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By  Peroxide  |  3

I too almost died from choking once but luckily I had my handy juicebox with me. The juicebox was able to make a small incision in my trachea and insert an empty pen thus saving my life. That juicebox and I went on to become the best of friends and we travelled the world until one day I accidently stood on him and he exploded.

RIP Juicebox. I'll miss you buddy!

By  2345_fml  |  0

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  youreanidiot  |  0

Congratulations? I just got first comment on the next post, and I was able to do an intelligent post like most people who respond to these things and didn't mention the word "first" anywhere in it to not be an annoying ass such as yourself

Anyway OP, if you could suck in, you weren't choking, and were capable of breathing. I recommend learning about the heimlich maneuver, its possible to do to yourself

  2345_fml  |  0

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Woah.. woah ..woah, woah..woah........ this is not my batman glass.

Dont get your panties in a wad #2 ;) Deep breath. Inn... outtttt. Now,. lets discuss when we can make your next appt. We need to get this anger under control.

  LadyKaya  |  0

#2: Didn't you just defeat the purpose of not going on about it by going on about it here? You could have raged without going on and on about yourself and how you got first on the next post.

#1: Grats.

OP: You weren't dying, grow up and stop being a drama queen. Why didn't you have anything to drink with your lunch anyway? Not a criticism, just unusual.

  jbchica  |  7

If OP hadnt drank the juice box then they could have died, so you are really stupid for calling them a drama queen because they were choking. Idiot. And maybe their drink was gone, you can't just assume things.

By  Emperor_Jim  |  0

Honestly, with all the rediculous lawsuits out there, I can't say I blame people. Wasn't there an FML a few months back about someone giving a choking victim the Hiemlich maneuver and ending up getting sued because of it?

Sad thing is, no one ever got sued for sitting around and watching someone die.

  2345_fml  |  0

I think California even has a law where you can be sued if you help out during an accident and make the person worse off. I think they were considering over-turning it though. Most states have the law where you cant be sued for trying to help out in an emergency.

  brkn_hearted  |  0

i'm a californian and don't remember ever hearing any law like that, but i'm not quick to doubt it. however they were in texas and not cali, so that doesn't really apply.

but i have a feeling that this post is either fake, or it was overly dramatized to make it to posting... especially considering the OP's name is "omgimchoking" but how the fuck can you choke on A chip? only way would be if it got caught covering up the windpipe but would easily be coughed out... so basically OP is a dipshit.

  blalien  |  0

Massachusetts has a Good Samaritan law that says people can't be held liable if they made every possible effort to help the victim. This means, for example, you can't be sued for breaking somebody's ribs while giving them CPR. I couldn't tell you about any other state.

This FML pisses me off because it implies terrible advice. If you see somebody choking, and they are coughing, DO NOT INTERFERE! Only get involved if the victim either stops breathing or is doing something unusual like spasming.

By  TheTruth1428  |  0

sorry, but YDI. Why didn't you have your own drink? Also, it's not hard to perform the Heimlich on yourself if it came down to it.

I doubt you were choking then watered it down, that's pretty much impossible. Choking is having something caught in your airway, pouring water down there would have only made it worse. Worst thing that happened was you probably had something uncomfortably stuck and had to kick into drama mode instead of just calmly dealing with it.

By  Luckster  |  0

Dumbass Bystander Syndrome? If you died, everyone would have been all "Oh, I tried to save him, but I was too late" and sobbing uncontrollably. People suck.

By  Pikachu206  |  2

I once was choking on an icecube while watching The Hangover. I didn't sweat it and calmed the heck down enough so it could melt. Also had trouble with a chip before. Point is if you were choking enough to where you looked like you were going to die, then yes someone would have jumped up to help you. But otherwise uncomfortable yes, but not much of an FML.