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Today, it's officially been two weeks since I found out I have mono. It's also been two weeks since anyone has visited me, called me, or even emailed me. The real kicker? I'm now fired from my job because they can't believe I can have mono twice in one year. I guess I'm just lucky that way. FML
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I had mono and it's horrible. People shouldn't act like that. You don't even do anything and you get it. And you can only get it once in most cases. Fyl indeed for having people in your life who don't understand. And first, who cares If your first? And then you add ew? You're lucky you've never had it.


You know what I hate the most? People who posts a comment first and declares they're first. It's childish and stupid.

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how is this "ew"? it's just mono.

why not leve the numbers to do tge talkin obviously number 1 indicates that ur first

haha sounds like people are mad that they arent first? XD and yes, EW!

hahaha are people really getting into an argument about a comment containing three words? run along children

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isn't mono some disease having to do with blood?

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medical leave of absence would have protected you job.

mono is a disease that inflames the kidneys so if they are jabbed, punched, or even poked their kidney will explode causing a slow and agonizing death bwahaha... erm

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mono is a "kissing disease" you retards. you get it if you kiss a person who has it.

It's a condition that you get from body fluids (sweat, saliva, ect.) It doesn't have to be from kissing. I've never kissed anyone and I've had mono. I was one of 5 people who sat in the corner of my dance room. So someone who had it was all sweaty, sat there, and the virus got on the wall, than got on me.

Actually kissing is not the only way to get it. In fact it is the most uncommon way to get it. Mono attacks your spleen and if it ruptures you will be dead before you get to the hospital. It is a very serious sickness that stays in your blood for the rest of your life even if you don't feel the effects of it anymore.

exactly, unless your mono makes it so you can't drive or walk. in which case it's called polio.

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And it's called forgery. It would really suck to be OP, but it's hugely improbable and statistically the company made the right choice. again, FYL.

I had mono and it's horrible. People shouldn't act like that. You don't even do anything and you get it. And you can only get it once in most cases. Fyl indeed for having people in your life who don't understand. And first, who cares If your first? And then you add ew? You're lucky you've never had it.

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Yeah, it's not in most cases, you can only get mono once, you cab have flare ups with other illnesses and it will only last a few days, but you're right, you can only get the actual illness once. It can last for up to six months when you first get it though.

No, it can flare back up again with all the symptoms and be just as bad. Happened to my sister. Its rare, but just like getting chicken pox a second time, it happens.

Actually, mononucleosis (the Epstein-Barr virus) is incurable. Once you have it, you have it forever. For most people, once the symptoms go away, they stay away - but it is still possible to infect others at times, even without symptoms. It is, however, not unheard of for some people to get flare ups of the symptoms from time to time throughout their life. I think from this FML, though, that it's more likely that the OP never completely got over the symptoms the first time around. And, OP - I feel your pain. I have mono right now, and it started with tonsillitis, too. It sucks being exhausted and forced to rest all the time. Feel better soon! Also, get your doctor to call or write your employer. If your employer still insists on firing you, then you have a wrongful termination suit. If you don't talk to your physician and get him/her to talk to your boss, then you deserve being fired. Other than that, though, I can't see how this is your fault.

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You only do get Mono once, and it stays with your whole life. Just the symptoms go away, but sometimes the symptoms do flare up again. And ive had chicken pox THREE damn times!! that sucked...

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I have mono, I know the pain. People are scared I'll 'accidentally spit in their mouth'. After having mono a giant rumor went out that I'm a *****. Everyone thinks you get it from kissing and kissing only. Mono sucks...

Mono stands for "mononucleosis." It's the Epstein-Barr virus, and is part of the herpes family. It's commonly called the "kissing disease" because it spreads most commonly through saliva. Most people (at least in the USA) are carriers by their mid-20s. You can have it and never know because it doesn't always produce symptoms. When it does, the symptoms are usually fever, exhaustion, and swollen lymph nodes. The swollen glands can also be caused by tonsillitis, which sometimes accompanies mono. It you google "mononucleosis," you can easily find out more. I hope this brief introduction helps. :)

not showing up to work will do that. mono sucks, but being unemployed with no friends sucks more. hope you have xbox.

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get a docs note saying you have it.

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What? You can't possibly have gotten fired for that. And if you have, grow a backbone and show them a doctor's note or get them to TALK to your doctor, if they don't believe you.

they can't fire you if you have a doctors note

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Congrats. You are number one. Everyone thanks you for your participation. Now get a life. I am so sorry that your friends and family won't visit. They should be ashamed. They wouldn't catch mono unless they swapped spit with you via kissing or drinking. Your work should rehire you if you show them a doctor's note confirming your sickness. Best of luck :)

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Or eatining after you. I got mono from eating after my sis who had Mono and didnt feel like telling me....

This sounds like an easily remedied problem. If you actually cared to do anything about it. Step 1: call someone first if you want human contact Step 2: send documentation of both illnesses to your work