By SharkWeek - United States - Wrightsville
  Today, I reminded my husband that I was on my period, so he wouldn't try to fool around with me. A few hours later, his goldfish-like memory kicked in and he stuck his hand down my pants while we were going to bed. I was wearing a maxi pad. FML
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By  Raesin  |  21

You know goldfish remember things for at least 6 months or longer right?
Knowing that this FML makes no sense.

  Soloman212  |  28

You know that it's an idiom for having bad memory, right?
Knowing this, this FML makes perfect sense, even if it contains an inaccuracy.

Don't be a smartass. The point of language is to communicate effectively, which this FML does. If you're too disconnected to understand that idiom because of your impressive and extensive knowledge in the field of marine life memory, then you're really not very smart at all.

By  Dallasluver19  |  14

Us Girls are the screwed ones with periods, being raped, sore boobs, giving birth, pregnancy, having to look good. What do guys have to do? Just stay out of our damn way when these things occur.

  Beepbeep7  |  14

I sometimes have feminist viewpoints but this is taking it too far.Even though I would never tell my husband this,guys go through a lot of shit too especially when women are on their periods.And as far as rape,there are many many men that have been raped or abused so you can't even use that.

  golden_warrior  |  23

We have issue as well. After certain age, we got hairs growing out of place that you would think is not possible. And guys get judged based on their looks as well. Plus, some guys get judge on the size of their penis. I'm not saying our situation is worse but we have our own issue as well.

  Pwn17  |  25

I am a feminist and I support gender equality, but just because women have issues 7, that doesn't mean men don't have any. Shut up.

  beelee1988  |  13

I really hate when other girls complain about these things. I'm a girl, yes I complain when I'm on my period, but I don't feel like I have it harder than anyone else. I also hate when girls use their periods as an excuse to be bitches. PMS comes before you actually start pouring blood from your vagina. After that, you're just a bitch.

  evan_7899  |  28

#31 Shut up you ignorant woman, its retards like you who make a bad image for your gender. So when men insult you and you go into a fit because you have it "so hard" think about men next time

  tranced_  |  44

ok don't be so sexist.. I agree on some level girls suffer alot but guys face the same problems too! not all guys are like her husband and not all girls are angelic like you described so Chuck it!

  raeepressley  |  12

( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■