By zaynemaliksvagina - / Wednesday 24 June 2015 17:10 / United States - Shrewsbury
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  slingerslasher  |  24

Movie logic: 10 bucks for a ticket. Oh, you want to eat popcorn too? Sure, that'll be 14 dollars, your right nut, and your firstborn child, provided you can still have children with just one testicle

  lulinator  |  39

Once upon a time, being the first one to make a pun made you a commenting God. Kind of like a new relationship, when the girl giggles at everything her boyfriend says, thinking he's the funniest thing on earth. Then, as time goes on, the boy's lame jokes get old, and all he can get out of her is a blank stare. Which is equivalent to a thumbing down on FML.

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