By dibman - 07/01/2011 09:11 - United Kingdom

Today, at work, I was asked to sharpen some pencils. I'm an electronics and mechanics engineer, and while I understand it's been quite a while since I was in primary school, I still wonder why my boss felt the need to explain in minute detail how to sharpen a pencil. FML
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kellanlvr 1

you stick it in the hole, move it around a bit, then take it out..easy :D

FYLDeep 25

Step 1: Grab the pencil. Step 2: Sharpen the ******* pencil.


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MasterE56 4

how's sharpening pencils for a good paying job bad?

yeah fyl because a boss talked down to you. old news.

kellanlvr 1

you stick it in the hole, move it around a bit, then take it out..easy :D


who knew that pencil sharpening lessons would spark sexual harassment claims o.O

xMaNNiNGx119 0

thats what she said! :P can't believe no one said that

nahh, your supposed to leave it in for a while. duhh!

bfflrhea 0

u have blue hair., n thats whatshe said. lmao

But which hole does it go in? Some have different sized holes, for crayons or fingers. And how do we know when we're done? It would be funnier if it was the little hand held sharpener.

maybe a pen-is would be even better xD

Make sure the pencil cums (out) right. And also, your boss needs you to sharpen his rod too. (:

rallets 22

who down-thumbed all the good jokes?

haha it's like a quickie: in and out in 3 seconds

iSitt 0

What would da dog whisperer say about that?

U have to be in a calm, assertive state of mind. And you use your energy, its all about your energy.

it's cos ur gay. and he wants you pencil. ;D

The grammar Nazis are going to be all over this post.

White_Fury 0

Oh wow, omg FYL for having someone explain something to you. Yeah. Your life is screwed! lol GET OVER IT!

sailorzoe 14

It could be worse. you could be doing all the shit that people who get paid more than you and not get any pay increase. I do my boss' job all the time and he makes seven more dollars an hour than I do.

Was he using terms like "use a gentle thrust motion" and hiding a hand in his pants at his own detailed description of... "pencil sharpening"?

perdix 29

Maybe, Mr. Fancy Pants, despite all your high-falutin' book larnin', you suck at sharpening pencils. No matter how many degrees you have, you still can be an educated fool. Now, sharpen those pencils like da boss wants his pencils sharpened. PS: If you were a real engineer worth a shit, you'd have shown him what a mechanical pencil is and be done with the tedium of sharpening.

just like an artist wouldn't use a mechanical pencil, neither would an engineer (note: yes I'm sure both have used mechanical pencils, but there's a reason there are fancy artist shading pencils and engineering drafting pencils) though, for writing crap, mechanical pencils are vastly superior

Depends on the detail needed. I routinely use 0.3mm mechanical pencils for my artwork. It's not just a haphazard deal, or got nothing better lying around.

well, I tried to say there are situations where it doesn't matter, but there are situations where you wouldn't dare use a mechanical pencil

TheDrifter 23

Uhmm drafting pencils are mechanical pencils, albeit very nice ones.

because your boss has a sense of humor

Now everyone who is a jerk has a sense of humor. Great, just great.

Don't engineers usually carry around mechanical pencils? No need to sharpen those... Perhaps gift one to your boss.

DRock525 0

yah, a mechanics engineer sounds like someone who works on cars and wants to sound special, if your were a mechanically Engineer like other people ( me ) you wouldn't be sharpening pencils. ps- I do use mechanical pencils and auto cad ( no lead required)